tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

More ideas than time, damnit

Last night I sat down and drew stuff.

What I'm interested in doing is making clothing that blurs the boundary between clothes and costumes. My friends will know I've been doing this for a while, whenever I get struck with an idea. But lately I've started to have ideas more often, and to develop an aesthetic based on having made all this armour, and the desire to be able to run around, roll around, dance, be warm, have pockets, and look good, all at once.

Thus, pictures.

What I'm realising is that men's clothing is boring. Not that this is news, I've written about it before. But there's a real challenge in coming up with interesting ideas for men - a lot of the things that make women's clothing more varied and interesting are considered, well.. feminine. And while there are some men who are keen to transgress gender norms in clothing, plenty aren't. Turns out this area interests me quite a lot as a challenge - interesting clothing for men that utilises elements that are usually considered feminine, while keeping them manly-looking.

So now I have three pictures in front and back view - 2 for men and 1 for MEEEE!!! (I often forget to make stuff for myself among all my fantasies of dressing up my friends). Oddly enough, the one for me incorporates elements that are usually considered masculine, and is the most armour-y looking one. Because that's how I roll, apparently.

Now to become independently wealthy so I have the time to make all these things... my current forward project list goes like this:

Minor finishes to Saarebas
Flying Carpet
Wendy's Horny Project

If I dedicated all my time to them, these would be finished by the end of October. Realistically it'll be more like November. Which leaves December and half of January for new designs.

Anyone out there want to become a patron for my 'art'? I promise you pictures of strangely-dressed hot people in return...
Tags: *sigh*

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