tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Most important news first

This morning I woke up to the "I'm still alive" email from Dr Wheel. Witness a great deal of bed-squeeing.

He lands in Wellington at 8am on Friday morning, which is exactly the same time I start work. This means I'll be fidgeting in my seat for a whole day, knowing he's *just over there* and that soon we will actually be in the same spatio-temporal zone.

Those of you who know Dr Wheel will understand my level of excitement.

This is actually taking me back to the time before we got together, which was the last time he went to Burning Man. He'd only recently moved to Wellington, after a couple of years of persuasion from all of us, and then he went to the US for several months. The day he got back was a Friday, and we were all at Fidels as is the habit of my friends, and I saw him coming up the street and was all *OMG GLOMP* because I was so happy to see him. Little did I know that 2 months later .. and then 6 years later...

.. it's nice to know I still get just as excited about seeing him. So I might be a bit incoherent for the next few days.

In other news, after 2 weeks of being very 'meh' about the whole doctor thing, I have an appointment today to 'discuss my options'. Which is shorthand for 'we've run out of ideas for the usual stuff'. Which is shorthand for 'prepare for the long haul'. ;-/ Hence my lack of enthusiasm for doing anything about it lately. But it's not like it's stopped hurting, so back we go again.

Yesterday, there was a shooting in Ashburton, in which a man walked into a WINZ (social welfare services) office and killed 2 people, badly injuring another. In New Zealand, this is national news because it is a rare occurrence. A suspect was apprehended last night - a homeless man who had been living in a local park. It has the makings of something that could end up being quite political (we have an election* in less than three weeks), but luckily apart from one ex-politician from the radical fringe, they've all managed to keep their capitalising to themselves. It's not like it hasn't crossed most people's minds, but grace periods and all. For me, the disappointment was the first bit of commentary I saw on it being someone saying that it was "Probably driven by addiction." What the fucking fuck?

* This is the first election I can remember where defacement of billboards and burning of effigies of the current government has been a thing. I hope this is a sign of just how pissed off the people are, and that it'll show in the polls.

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