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In which I air my clean laundry in public

Turns out Jaycar, the shop that sells the electronics goodies in Wellington, has moved. It hasn't moved that far out of my way, but by the time I'd got to their old location, going to the new one was more of a mission. Still, I decided it was worth it and came home with my little treasure trove of resistors, cables, hookup wire, and battery snaps, ready to fire ahead with my project.

By the time I'd tested all the LEDs it was dark, and unfortunately I don't have a lamp that allows fine soldering at night-time. Especially since on count, I have exactly one good LED up my sleeve for if mistakes are made. I'm a little disappointed that out of the 50 LEDs I bought, 7 were duds straight out of the packet. Although, it does bear out my theory on why my array didn't work properly the first time.

Today, today I shall get home in time to solder some stuff. Yep.

There is something melancholy and sad about wet sheets hanging limply on a washing line early in the morning. And in Wellington, there being no wind is almost unheard-of. Still, I figure if they're out there they have a better chance of getting dry than if they aren't. Also, look! Daffodils! Spring is coming, damnit.

I've been reading about the concept of sexual fluidity. Apparently numerous studies have shown that people in general but women in particular tend to have a less fixed sexual identity than previously believed. The idea being that most people have a 'main' sexual identity, but that given the right set of circumstances, which will vary between individuals, many people will depart from this. Which is not exactly rocket science. These days there are names for this sort of thing. Have you heard someone describe themselves as heteroflexible, homoflexible, or bicurious? According to the thing I'm reading, this is more common than people think.

I haven't got very far into it, and I'm a little backfooted by a very vague* hint of a WOMBYN R SPESHUL vibe about it, but it's an interesting concept and I'd like to understand it more so I'll persist. I'm assuming that at some point that isn't the introduction or the first chapter (which is essentially defining terminology and is where I fell asleep - literally**), it'll present the research that backs this up and I'll be able to get my teeth into something that's both interesting and useful information, and probably (cos it's me) come up with a bunch of questions that are tangential to the research and which are not answered in the book.

Every field needs one of those people, right? Right?

Meanwhile, I'm now at a crossroads with the health stuff. The doctor conferred with Osteodude, who is convinced that my problem is not entirely musculo-skeletal. I am supposed to go back to the doctor (another $65 KA-CHING!) to 'discuss my options'. What this means is that they've run out of ideas for the standard things it could be, so now there apparently needs to be a discussion of the non-standard things. The reason it's a crossroads is that I've spent a fair bit of money, several months of my time and a bunch of tests, and I'm no better off or any closer to knowing what's up with my back. The pain that originally sent me to the doctor is gone, but it's revealed a more persistent, less obvious pain, which seems to have everyone stumped. I'm kind of over spending money for no answers, so I haven't made that appointment yet. I know I *should*, but I'm just very meh about the whole thing at the moment.

Yes, I realise this is self-defeating. But so far, being proactive has had no better result, you know?

Apparently it's raining in the Black Rock Desert. Like, enough for there to be standing water and sludge all over Black Rock City, the playa is undriveable, and the gates stayed closed yesterday. They say that the gates will stay closed into Tuesday but may open midday Tuesday, which is about 6am Wednesday for us. I'm thinking of Dr Wheel, Mangle, and their companions, and hoping this doesn't have too big an impact on their week. I am picturing them setting up on the side of the road and getting on with it. After all, everyone goes to BM equipped to camp and be self-sufficient, right?

* So vague that I might be imagining it because I have a chip on my shoulder about such things.
** Catch 22 - bed is the warmest place for reading, being warm in bed makes me sleepy.
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