tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

We've missed out on two contortion classes in a row lately because the tutor's been sick. This week is makeup week. So here's how my week is looking:

Monday - contortion, legs
Tuesday - Greer's Class of Agonising Pain, everything
Wednesday - acro training
Thursday - contortion, back
Friday - rest day, yay!
Saturday - acro yoga, contortion (?), monster practice.
Sunday - planting trees for Hunterville Lions/Kiwiburn carbon offsetting thingy.

Current goal: stand on one leg on base's shoulder, other leg in some above-horizontal graceful pointy thing. Like this, only furrier, more graceful (point your toes!) and on someone else's shoulders:

I couldn't actually find a pic of someone doing this in two high, even though I know it's been done. Also, I have slightly better extension that Yoga Guy up there already. In yoga it has the imaginative name of 'extended big toe hold (standing).' So anyway, in pursuit of this goal, my one-legged toe-ups while making coffee in the morning now include lifting one leg as high as it'll go (toes pointed!), straightening out the knee, and doing 20 raises each side.

I'm really glad our kitchen window looks out over a cliff and not into someone else's house, just saying.
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