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Last night contorture class was cancelled again, so tieke and I agreed to engage in some mutual motivation (basically "I will if you will") and we got the mats out and did self-directed stretching.

Things you should know - I have very flexible legs. tieke has *extremely* flexible legs, having spent more time working on this. There is nothing like side splits to sort the sheep from the goats, flexibility wise, just saying. Goats being more flexible than sheep, I figure I am a sheep, working up to goat slowly. We also did shoulders, which feel like a major weak spot on me. At the end of this session I felt all rubbery and a bit light headed, which is apparently a sign that things are working.

Flexibility training always makes me feel like a bit of a fridge tbh. I know I'm strong but being strong while bending is a whole different set of abilities, and because it's always happening at the extreme end of what you can do, I never feel as though I'm as good as I want to be. Hmm..

Because apparently it's starting to be spring.

It looks like a calla lily but is the size of an arum lily. It's short and stunted because in our garden, that's the only way to survive the wind. Last year it came into full bloom in a period of no wind, then the blooms got destroyed within a day, so I thought I'd photograph this one while it lasts.

Some of the daffodils I planted back in May are getting close to flowering now, and the anemones and freesias at least have leaves on. I saw a tulip leaf or two poking up as well.

And last night there was a frost, because the bulbs apparently don't know shit about seasonal change.

I am mostly impressed with the dianthus, which have been flowering almost non stop since I planted them back in October last year. They only have a few flowers on now, but they are *still going*. I'll definitely be putting more of them in this year.

In fact, if it's not raining this weekend, I think I'll spend some time in the garden.

Huh. Maybe spring is poking its nose out after all.

Also, Tangle and Dangle are doing a workshop at Under the Spinfluence - in MONSTERCISE!

Tangle describes Monstercise as “GRRR RARRRR HREERRRR RARRRR!” Their handler describes it as "Their own special blend of partner acrobatics, dance and fuzzy mayhem." Anyway, you should come. They need more victims PEEPLE TO HELP REECH DERE EXORCISE GOLES.
Tags: flowers, monsters, streeeeetchy tats is stretchy (not)
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