tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

That time again

This morning I had my *whatever the interval is* smear test. I'm lying there performing the usual contortions associated with having a retroverted uterus and a shrinking violet of a cervix, meanwhile conversing with the nurse about how many steps it takes to walk from my work to Brooklyn*.

Hey, whatever it takes to distract the nurse from how nervous she thinks you'll be.

Anyway, the consultation concluded with her declaring my cervix to be "Nicely pink and mobile."

I'm glad it's mobile. I'm told that staying mobile is good for you. *ahem*

Meanwhile, the doctor then asked for urine tests for kidney function, which found traces of red blood cells. Apparently this is normal after 'heavy exercise' and they want to do another to see if there's a pattern (which would indicate maybe something needs a closer look in my kidneys), but we're struggling to find a day when I haven't done 'heavy exercise' in the previous 48 hours. Also, I don't really know what constitutes heavy. Heavy is kind of subjective, you know? Heavy for me, or heavy for someone who doesn't do acro?

And, more blood tests in the offing. This time for hypothyroidism, diabetes and heart stuff. Because parents. On the upside, I think Osteodude may have found the problem spot in my back and *done something* to it, because there's been no persistent aching since my last visit. At all..

* Team step off challenge. I got roped in because I walk 6km a day to and from work, so now I'm wearing a pedometer for a month and I know that it's about 3500 steps to get home.
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