tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Day 4 without Voltaren. The pain is back. Not badly, I can still put my undies on while standing, but each day it gets a little more noticeable.

I emailed my MP, who happens to be the Opposition spokesperson for health and the ex-Minister of Health, and asked her wtf is up with a health system that has such insufficient resources that people are going without treatment. She asked me to send her the letter so she could follow up on it. I did, with the disclaimer that while my own health is of concern to me, I'm more worried about the overall situation and am mostly interested in hearing about policy that will alleviate it.

So far, I've heard nothing back.

If the pain is worse again tomorrow I'll call the doctor and make another appointment. Because fuck this.

Meanwhile, the other day I posted a video of Oona Kivelä working out. Today, have a video of her performing:

So when I said pole dancing wasn't sexy? I think that needs a qualifier. Pole dancing can be sexy - when Oona Kivelä does it. I watched the 2013 winner and it seemed to me that she performed a much more traditional-looking piece that had that "I'm doing a trick now applause" feel about it. Not to detract, it's still an amazing performance, but it isn't hot.

Because I'm totally entitled to be judgey about pole performances based on my vast knowledge. Yep.
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