tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Ehkä valosapelit?

So my little foray into jokes in Finnish yesterday almost started a flamewar on the Finnish Language facebook group I am in. Apparently there's disagreement about whether 'droideja' or 'droidit' is the right way to refer to the droids.

As it turns out, 'droideja' is correct because it refers to some droids which are not there, whereas 'droidit' would refer to the specific droids you can see and are indicating.

So by extrapolation, if I were to be saying "We are not looking for these droids" then I would use 'droidit' - but because I'm saying "These are not the droids we are looking for" I should use 'droideja'.

Who says word order doesn't matter in Finnish? Also, I learned something. Yay! I am sure this will be extremely useful in my day-to-day life.

Meanwhile, at work I made a survey. It ran for a month and got 59 responses. In my industry, that's pretty good going. But my stakeholder leadership group decided it wasn't broad enough coverage (fair enough) and stepped up with a larger distribution list. In its first day, the second go already has 35 responses. Neato!

Only, as the one who has to crunch the numbers and knows it's going to run for another 2 weeks, I am crapping myself at the potential for it to explode into the Survey That Ate Wellington. Send lawyers, guns, money...
Tags: valosapeli
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