tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Moar milestones

This weekend the monsters gave Mangle a bath...

Well actually, they just blocked the vid there because someone thinks it's not fair use, so the monsters, being obliging sorts, made one that can't be accused of copyright violation:

My weekend's job list:
Repair armour and store costumes, groom the monsters, mow the lawn, do taxes, draft a contract, finish leather battle skirt, make blanks for belt, collar and pauldrons, paint horns, and discuss with YoT when he's moving out.

Yes, he's moving out. My offspring is leaving home, etc etc. He's found a flat that sounds pretty good at a price he can afford, he's been offered management training at his work and he's got a girlfriend. I know I'm supposed to be all "Oh my baby!" and being a bit sad and at a loss about this, but mostly I'm bursting with pride that he's doing so well, and really looking forward to moving my craft space into his room.

We high fived over it. These days this involves me jumping.

Also, in about a month, someone might have to stage an intervention. Dr Wheel is going away on 15th July, and YoT is leaving home on the 7th. Without them around to keep me behaving like a human being, I may end up doing nothing but eat ice cream, watch crappy TV and make costumes. I could think of worse ways to go...
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