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How many Ds do you have that are actually pretty normal? - Tactical Ninja

Jun. 12th, 2014

08:55 am - How many Ds do you have that are actually pretty normal?

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Date:June 12th, 2014 12:17 pm (UTC)
Someone pointed out yesterday that in the Northern Hemisphere the holidays are focused in the winter months.

Depends where you live. In Canada, we don't have that many holidays during the winter. Our Thanksgiving is a month earlier than the American one (October), so that's one long weekend. Then nothing in November (unless you work for government and get Nov 11 off, but that's not usually a long weekend, just a day off during the week). December there's Xmas, but for most people they get only Xmas day off - most everything is open on the 24th (but might close earlier than usual) and some will get the 26th off, but not everyone. Ditto for New Years - just the 1st officially off for again not everyone as movie theatres and pharmacies and like are usually open. Some provinces have one day off in February now, but for the most part, the two worst months, January and February, no holidays. Ditto for March unless Easter is really early. There will be events planned during the winter, like Quebec City's famous Carnival, but that's not a holiday. Schools get a "March break" so families will often take vacation time then and go south during that week to Florida or wherever, but again, not official holidays.

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