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How many Ds do you have that are actually pretty normal? - Tactical Ninja

Jun. 12th, 2014

08:55 am - How many Ds do you have that are actually pretty normal?

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Date:June 11th, 2014 11:05 pm (UTC)
I just read the Wikipedia summary (which is often an easier way to get your head around Foucault), and:

1. We're almost obliged to go "Eww" on the topic of paedophilia, but in that there are some interesting questions about societally-decided ages of consent and the governance of adult agency. I've often been confused by these magical ages at which we are suddenly supposed to be able to make adult decisions about various things, from running countries to sexual relations to long-term contractual commitments, to drinking alcohol.

This is especially confusing in light of the way our adulthood is being delayed by things such as extended formal education, youth wage rates and parental means testing, while precocious puberty is becoming more and more common, bringing the average biological age of adulthood down while raising the societal one.

For me, those two paragraphs above are the 'argh' part because to me it's not so simple as going 'eww'. There's a line between 'eww' and 'weeellll, just what are we legislating here?'

2. Which means that if Foucault was a habitual iconoclast, I think I might be too.

3. Life is complicated. That's the 'argh' part of questions like whether being affected by the seasons or paedophilia (won't anybody think of the children?) should be institutionalised, medicalised, or criminalised.

My degree in social policy and criminology only makes these questions more complex, because it reveals all those lines in the sand to very arbitrary, and what has once been realised can't be unrealised.
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