tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

It's been a few days

I beat the brain weasels. Yay me. I suspect I'm not quite the same as I was before, but we shall see. Anyway...

I won the Open Solo at Wellington Armageddon with the Grey Warden cosplay.

(photo by Dan Hardwick)

It was my first experience cosplaying in public and was kind of overwhelming with all the attention, but everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome. I am both amazed and rapt to see so many other people who are into making and wearing costumes from their favourite media.

There were four other Dragon Age cosplayers there - Cullen (who has so far not shown up in any event photos), Merrill, Anders, and Sigrun (who was part of the cosplay group that won Best in Show - yay Dragon Age!).

Here are some more photos:

(pics by fc.nz)

You can see many more pics of the Armageddon cosplay at the fc.nz link. Totally doing that again, it was too much fun!
Tags: cosplay, grey warden, i am a showoff
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