tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

White rabbits and other miscellaneous fertility symbols

I am big with the envy of the Terry Pratchett-meeters and will be looking on the news so I can say 'I know TV people'.

Yesterday was all about beaches, except for the bit that wasn't. Driving over the Rimutakas, we were followed by what appeared to be the Wellington branch of the gay and lesbian MX5 club. I kid you not. Three of them in a row, all with resident same-sex couples in them . And one was a lovely shade of metallic mint-green..

What a beautiful day for having burgers at Tinui and catseye-hunting on Mataikona beach. They proved more elusive than usual, but if you look hard enough, beaches yield up all sorts of cool treasure, so I ended up with about 50/50 catseyes to bits of seaglass, paua shell, groovy stones and shiny things. Ooh, shiny.. it was cool to hang out with Polly for the day, cause she is cool. ;-)

There was fire on the beach at Makara, complete with cheesy sausages on sticks, Venus, marshmallows and good company. We jumped the fire, because that's what you do. ;-) And so spring turns towards summer..

Two coasts in one day, and spent with cool people. *happy*
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