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In which we dress up and pretend we are movie stars

This weekend was Gadgit and Tami's wedding. Gadgit is my oldest Wellington friend, we've known each other for 14 years, and Tami for 8. I remember when they met, I remember us all going out dancing together and thinking how awesome she is, I remember him convincing her to come to Kiwiburn in 2007 (she didn't take much convincing, just saying), and I remember him borrowing a tent from his Mum as we drove to the site, all the while hoping he wouldn't have to use it. He didn't.

7 years later they held back tears as they said their vows. They are still the cutest couple ever and so good for each other.

They hired a photographer and asked people to not take their own pics, so we don't have any yet. However, it was a formal wedding and since we don't play that kind of dressups very often, we were excited enough about that to take some pics of ourselves.

I had originally thought to go with a 40s theme but at the last minute the dress I had in mind turned out not to be suitable so that idea got scrapped and instead we went with 'matching the curtains in the BnB we stayed in'.


This is me being poncy, because gloves.

I am not really wearing fruit on my head. That's actually in a bowl on the dresser. The thing on my head is a feathery thing that's sort of a hat and sort of a fascinator, with a net thing. As you can tell I am very familiar with the technical terminology. Here is a better view of the hat thing, and also the accidental OMG matching couple eek we are so twee!

Playing dressups was fun, and somewhat distracting because Dr Wheel in a suit? HAWT. Also, we spent a reasonable chunk of the time (weddings go on forever) talking about how we could spice up a wedding ceremony with a bit of murder mystery, or have the bride sneak in through a side door while everyone's waiting for the grand appearance at the back, or burst in through double doors while The Final Countdown starts to play..

.. anyone wanna hire us as wedding planners?


They're off to Vanuatu on Wednesday to lie around not thinking about weddings. I am kind of envious and now I want to go have a mucky weekend on a Pacific Island. Weird how they are just over there *points* and I haven't been to one yet. Must fix that.

Meanwhile, this morning...

Him: Good morning.
Me: Thank you for not turning into a zombie and eating me in my sleep.
Him: No problem.

Reasons to love Dr Wheel No. 379.

PS people get really sloppy at weddings, all with the romance and love and stuff. It's kind of sweet.
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