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Instead of turning into a werewolf..

There was climbing, in which I tried 10 new routes and proclaimed them good, then promptly fell off the one that was most suited to my style. I blame my rebellious toes (they don't like sharp pointy things).

There was pizza, in which I indulged wholeheartedly. In fact, I ate a whole one. *beam*

There was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As would be indicated by the fact that beagl didn't like it, I really enjoyed it. I liked the cinematography and the gentle humour. Unfortunately, the pizza overcame me and I fell asleep before finding out whether Li Mu Bai got his sword back and rode into the sunset with Shu Lien, or whether it ended tragically. *sigh* Guess I'll just have to watch it again, sans pizza.

Remember the age old question "How often do men think about sex?" And the answer being every seven seconds? Well, apparently that is an urban myth. It varies. There are even 4% of men who only think about it once a month. Now, I'm sure the answer is the same for women. But, we're definitely put together differently.

Me, for one week of the month I don't think about it at all, for two weeks a month I think about it occasionally, and for one week, it's all on. Life stuff (diet, state of mind, work) influences this to a degree, but the fact is that you can guarantee, for a few days every month my mind is a cess-pit of filth and debauchery. It's very distracting, and it's not once every seven minutes, it's bloody constant. About 50% of my brain gets taken up with *snip* no, you don't need to read that. I'll keep the details to myself. *grin*

So I'm talking to some random guy about something totally innocuous, and half my mind is whispering to me about all the things I'd like to do to that person who last week I didn't even notice, and I'm busy trying to hide it because I'm sure my thoughts are showing on my face and so I get distracted and say something really stupid and look like a dork. Or worse, a Freudian slip. Argh! "Sorry.. *blush* No, I'm not dizzy, I'm just horny". Hmm. Maybe best to just let them think I'm dizzy.. *runs away*

I think, perhaps, it would be easier to be a man, and just have a form of low-grade regular sex-thoughts passing through and being gone. Although, with no experience, that's very much an assumption of what goes on in men's heads. Maybe they're just better at hiding it than I am?

I need to learn to flirt..

Hmm. And the next job interview I have, I am going to try very hard not to laugh when they ask me stupid questions. That way I might get past the moron consultant firms. *sigh*
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