tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I should totally be a tattoo artist. Yep.

There is a story behind the picture below the cut, but it probably doesn't bear repeating. Be aware that if you open this while someone is looking over your shoulder, it might be a bit awkward.

For Happy:

Be careful what you ask for. Now I dare you to get it tattooed on your butt.

So we were talking about languages. I know I dribble on about Finnish (yesterday I switched my Facebook to Finnish hehe), but I'm also learning German vocab. The male/female thing really gets me. How did they work out that ceilings are female and floors are male? And Dr Wheel informs me that in France, the sea is female but in Spain, it's male. I wonder if they ever went to war over this?

Anyway, Finnish doesn't have gendered words and I appreciate that. I'm also learning to appreciate how hard English figures of speech must be for people learning it. Things I've said today that I wouldn't be able to figure out what they meant in any other language:

- case in point
- someone rang me
- three sheets to the wind (don't ask)

I've no doubt other languages have these kinds of things too, and they are probably just as indecipherable in terms of literal meaning. For the moment, I think I'll stick to (stick to? Am I sticky? ew) the plain, non-colloquial words, K?
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