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What other countries start with M and why are they all in the same place?

We have discovered a new* way of getting rid of large quantities of tomatoes - tomato paste! 2kg of tomatoes rendered down to a wee jar in the fridge, and pizza for dinner on Wednesday. Win!

And now we're back down to one lot of tomato plants, it should start to slow down a bit, yes? Meanwhile, broccoli and spring onions and courgettes, oh my! And my solitary capsicum now has a tiny friend. And chillies! And I just planted carrots and onions and winter spinach.

I'm also spending time daily picking caterpillars off my brassicas and hurling them into the bushes. Stupid caterpillars, turning up so late in the season and making the cabbages look tatty. *tut tut*

* OK, new to us. We're trying to find ways of preserving tomatoes without having to buy a bunch of expensive and hard-to-store canning stuff.

Last night I named my boat:

It strikes me as .. well, typical actually, that to buy vinyl decals suitable for marine purposes in NZ or Australia was going to cost me over $100, but that I got them for $30 (including shipping) from the US. The problem is partly that it seems sticker-makers are a bit like builders in that they tend to be small, family-run businesses that don't really have a web presence. Their sites are all 'call us to discuss requirements' and that's hard when you're talking about graphics. I wanted a site where I could design and order my lettering online.

There are 2 NZ ones and they are extortionately priced. The Aussie one was extortionately priced with the crazy Australian shipping on top. So I say, yay for signspecialist.com, who provided online services at a reasonable price and were willing to send the small parcel through normal mail instead of insisting on expedited FedEx (which is usually a minimum of $30). Why so many organisations do that, I don't know. It's actually offputting for those of us who live in far-flung places, to be forced to pay more for shipping than the value of an item, just in case it might take a bit longer to arrive. And it's not like tracking is a justification to double the cost of postage.

But anyway, mah boat! It has a name! And I've no doubt people will point and laugh, that's kind of the idea. I almost stuck it on upside down, just for a giggle - but then I thought better of it.

Meanwhile, this morning my cards decided to up the ante by presenting me with Moldova, Macedonia, and Montenegro. These are all in the same part of the world more or less, and the alliteration is literally messing my mind.

Also, there has been no Transylvania yet. I AM DISAPPOINT.

And and and, yesterday I translated a word from Cyrillic to English! One. It took about 5 minutes. It was from one of karl_ukral's* cartoons, and the revealed word was 'success'! I felt pretty awesome. It doesn't take much to make me feel awesome, clearly.

Oh, and in other news, you remember my mate Evan who was recently diagnosed with heart disease that will likely kill him soon? He's a tough old coot, and when that happened he made a bucket list. On it was 'catch a broadbill swordfish':

Yesterday, he caught one. It weighed 237kg - down here in the untropics we only get adults, and they are PHUGE. I don't know if he kept it or tag-and-released it, but if he did, that's one hell of a lot of smoked fish.

* He's the only person I read who regularly writes in Cyrillic.
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