tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The internet says that today is International Happiness Day. Which probably means that technically it was yesterday for us, but whatever. I started by celebrating, did you?

Meanwhile, I've been reading Scandinavia and the World for a while now. It's created by a Dane and focused mostly on Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but really nobody's safe. It plays on cultural stereotypes - Australia's a surfer with a large Crocodile Dundee knife (and occasinally a Julian Assange haircut), America's big, brash and blonde, Germany carries a sausage around with him everywhere, and New Zealand's.. a sheep. Ah well..

I dunno, I find it amusing. ms_danson introduced me to it, and since then I've almost caught up with the available comics. I even Flattr them. O.o

Also, it turns out that might be a use for Facebook - following comics. Yes, I signed up. I did it so that I could post notifications of conservation events in Rangitikei to the Kiwiburn community, who are all on Facebook and stubbornly refuse to use any other media. It frustrates me that I have to do this so I'm looking for a bright side, and the bright side is that if you like the pages of your favourite comics, you get them in your timeline.

The less bright side is that if you have friends and you only go on Facebook to read comics, the comics get lost in the wash of people posting links to everything they find interesting on the internet and pictures of cats. I don't want to mute people that I genuinely like and care about, but at the same time... COMICS!

Stupid social media.

This has been one of those weeks when the weekend can't come fast enough and was already filled up 2 days before it started. Luckily, today is Friday. And payday. And the KB afterburn party is happening tomorrow, and for once I actually give a shit.

There could well be dancing.
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