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First, some housekeeping. Last year after I went to the MAPs conference, I said that if you listened to nothing else I said about the conference, you should at least listen to Julie Holland's talk about the ethical considerations in the medicinal use of psychedelics, and that I'd post it when it became available.

Well, finally, here it is. It's 57 minutes long, so add it to the list of other doccos that you want to watch, and sit down with it. It's well worth your time and you'll come away with a pretty up to date knowledge of the state of play in this field.

"It is unethical not to do psychedelic research". That's the message I took away from it. Watch, see what you think.

And here are the rest of the vids from the conference. Some good stuff in there. I thoroughly recommend Matt Johnson's talk and Albert Garcia-Romeu's talks for some interesting stuff about how psilocybin works.

This morning I took this photo as I walked down the hill to work:

Yes yes, dramatic clouds yadda yadda. But look at the boats! On the right you see a cruise ship coming in (probably getting close to the end of the season now we're past the equinox), and on the left you see two tugs going out to meet it.

I love tug boats. I love that they are basically just a giant floating engine. I love that they can move ships that dwarf them, I love when they do the pump/fountain thing in harbour displays, I love that they're painted red. I love that the power they have stirs up a wake you can see even when they're doing the compulsory in-harbour 5 knots like in the picture.

And I love the way that they look for all the world like a couple of wolves getting ready to pincer-move their prey as they head out to the cruise ship. I have this book at home, that my parents gave me when I was a kid. It's called Killers of the Wild, and is a kind of encyclopaedia of predators. It has several pages titled 'Wolves in Concert', which shows the ways that wolves use teamwork and forward planning to ambush and bring down prey much larger than themselves. The tug boats kind of remind me of that, and when I see them it stirs something in me.

Being a tug boat driver would be a cool job I reckon.

Meanwhile, maybe going to the doctor was a good idea. Since then, my back hasn't given me any problems. Weird - all he did was poke a bit and ask me about my scar, and that was that. Maybe I scared it into submission.

And this morning I learned that the capital of Azerbaijan is Baku and that there's a bit of it that's completely cut off from the rest of it by Armenia. that would be weird. Like, New Zealand is also in chunks separated by distance, but straits are quite different from other countries. Navigating that must be interesting. Also, there are about twice as many people there as there are in New Zealand.

Makes you realise how Western-English-speaking focused our part of the world is, that I knew none of this before copying Dr Wheel starting to do this memory card thing. I'm glad I started.
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