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This weekend we were all waiting with bated breath for the cyclone that never came. Well, technically it did come, but not until last night. The harbour was glassy and there was little wind and I could've gone fishing but I'm glad I didn't.

I was running low on energy and it was nice to have a weekend of snuggling and blobbing and pottering, and beta-ing the Dragon Age Keep. Yes, I'm in the beta. Yes, it's started. I'm not allowed to tell you about it though, suffice to say I did some. ;-)

And we did a thing. Pics!

We don't know what it's called. There was a move in the adagio vid I posted the other day where she did this on one side and that was pretty easy, so Happy, tieke and I thought it'd be fun to try two flyers. Ta da!

Also, I made a thing.

Got a text from Kiri going "How much would it cost to make a foam Labrador?" Turns out, not much. Probably about $75, materials only. When Muttley is finished (she's getting fur later this week) she will be gracing the window of a hunting shop with some ducks, to advertise in preparation for duck shooting season.

She still needs some work to smooth off the jaggedy bits and also to improve the shape of the shoulders, but most people can tell it's a dog so that's a good start...

And I've made an appointment to see a doctor about my back. I've been suffering from morning back pain for about 6 months. It happens randomly and goes away with movement. We've changed the mattress, I sleep with a pillow between my knees, and I stretch regularly and keep fit. So it's time to rule out actual conditions.

I hate doctors. Well, that's not true - doctors are pretty good people I reckon. I just hate having to go to them, the whole diagnostic process, and the fairly high chance that it'll just be one of those things and not really fixable. And the cost.

But yeah, off to get poked and prodded, and there's a slim chance it might improve things and stop me freaking out Dr Wheel with my squeaks and moans as I try to put my undies on every morning. One can hope.
Tags: adagio, balancing on legs for fun, muttley is pretty, ow my back
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