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The only time you'll ever hear me say 'lol'

First I'd like to say Way Hay to Kim and Thomas for your commitment to each other. Your relationship is an inspiration, and I'm really happy for you both.

This weekend was supposed to be a three day snowboard-o-rama. And it was, except for the bit where it was only one day. A late start Saturday due to unbridled lolling, but then sun, snow, a huge improvement in skill and managing to get through a whole day without letting my left knee touch the ground. Running into and joining up with random people who showed us new lines, and discovering that the round trip down Western Ridge and back up now takes 15 mins instead of a half hour. Excellent! Until 4am this morning when it started persisting down. So then there was more lolling. Mmmm lolling. And tonight's dinner of sirloin steak for breakfast followed by a leisurely trip back to Wellington. And yes, it rained all the way home.

Oh, and we discovered that constant faceplanting -does- cause sunscreen to rub off quite a lot faster. Anyone got a good fast-heal cure for sunburn?

All this lolling gave me the chance to finish my book - The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. It's a science-fiction fantasy that's light on the science and big on the fantasy. Very romantic and easy to read, it still had some good interesting character developments and got me thinking a little (nyah!). I enjoyed it. Thanks Kim.

And finally, slather is a word. A damn good one, I might add. Now, I've indulged my sudden urge to wear a dress and eaten more ice cream than should be legal. I'm off to rub arnica into myself.

PS That offer of Pride and Prejudice still stand?
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