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In which I get a haircut and a real boat

Sheep update: They got to see a vet yesterday afternoon, who stitched more of their wounds than I would have, and was able to use local anaesthetic to minimise their pain and trauma while doing so. Last night all were doing well, although No3 was still off her tucker. Can't say I blame her, that leg was pretty mangled and I would want to just sit and nurse it too. But they should all pull through, which is good news.

In other news, I got my hair cut.

This actually happened on Wednesday, but yesterday I had a million things to do even before The Incident With The Sheep, and it fell by the wayside to post pics. But as I went about my business yesterday, so many people commented positively on it that I've decided it's an objectively good cut. The pic shows it still with all the goop in, but today it's been washed and it's doing that exit stage right thing that my hair does, and is a bit wavier, but still looks quite good. Win!

And because it exposes the back of my neck, my scar has suddenly become more visible and people are commenting on that too. Gosh.

Oh yeah, and I picked up my boat last night. Told you yesterday was a busy day! Here it is in all its green glory, against a glorious green background.

I didn't have time last night to kit it out with all the gubbins that turns it from a bit of green plastic into a state-of-the-art fishing vessel, but over the weekend I'll do this and take some less garish pictures. At least, I hope they'll be less garish..

The reason I didn't have time for mucking about as much as I wanted with the 'yak, was that I had to prepare for Somatic Symposium, which is an art thing that involves me running round in the Hypnotutu with other LED-encrusted folks, appearing and disappearing in the darkness. There are other, static light-based artworks too, and I'm looking forward to meeting the people that made them. It's probably going to be quite fun but I'll forgive you if you decide to stay home, because the weather is apparently going to be quite shitty for it. ;-/

In fact, the weather's probably going to be shitty all weekend. Current forecast says the wind's going to go below 20kts for about 4 hours on Sunday morning between 4am and 8am. That's my window for getting out in the boat, and I'm not sure whether I'll make it or not. *insert frustrated snarling here*

Oh well, I guess I could spend some time making the giant PVC bag I had envsioned for the boat, and other fiddling aroundy craftlike things I have planned. Pimpin' mah 'yak, yo.

Meanwhile, you may recall from such times as about three days ago, that I find 'ladies' versions of things that have no gender-related necessary differences, equal parts amusing and annoying. So this morning when this came through on my email, I laughed out of one side of my mouth while cursing out the other. I give you, The Berkley Angel Ladies' Softbait Rod:

Yes, it's pink. Hot pink. Yay! And it's called 'angel', because women are angels, dontcha know? I'm totally one. Yep.

I mean really. A fishing rod is a medium to transfer force from the hands and arms to a fish, while reducing shock load on the thin piece of material attaching one to the other. There is ZERO reason to make one especially for women. It even says in the blurb that it's actually the same blank as another rod called 'dropshot'. But this one has 'cool cosmetics'. Because chicks dig cosmetics, amirite? Seriously, that's the only difference. They made it pink, called it Angel, and taDA! Ladies' rod.

ARGHARGHARGH! I want to find a place where I can review this rod as sarcastically as people did those pens. Because ARGHFUCK!
Tags: i r a laydee, need a speshul rod, pink one plz
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