tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Let the bodies not hit the floor

Last night I did a one-armed handstand. Against a wall, and starting from two handed, but still. I wanted to see if I could, because I'm afraid to do handstands on my right elbow and my form is starting to fall apart through lack of practice, as was pointed out last night.

Yes, I know that habitually doing that puts twice the weight on my good arm and will probably mess that up too. But now I know I can do a one-armed handstand!

Well, technically they are pumpkins. Or squash. Or something.

In my rush of enthusiasm for gardening this spring, and having been given these as seedlings that desperately needed planting out, I totally put them in the wrong place. It had plenty of sun and good drainage, but next time I plant this type of plant I'll put them directly into a pile of horse poo, because they clearly weren't getting enough nutrients and my added ones only helped keep them alive rather than making them thrive.

However, each had one fruit, and yesterday when I checked them the butternut had separated from its plant all by itself, and the other was sounding hollow, so I grabbed them both and mulched the plants. I'll nab the seeds from these since they are clearly hardy (and I know they are heirloom), and next year we'll have loads. Yep.

Meanwhile, the courgettes are having a second wind, the tomatoes have maybe two more pickings before the first lot are done, and the next lot of beans are about to come on.


Also, last night Happy and I did this:

Only, we didn't let go hands, we had three spotters, and he wasn't wearing speedos. It's only the second time we've tried it and this time I (as the flyer) got almost completely straight from a straddle and back again without it fallng apart. I think it's a sign of our improved skill and communication that this isn't anywhere near as terrifying as it looks. yay us!

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