tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Cleaning the fuzz off the butts. Again.

So laughingmagpie came up with the name Stingray for my boat. Stingrays being a thing that seems to be popping up in my life a bit this year, like Stumpy and that one in the lagoon on Sunday. I like it. It being a shallow-water predator and kind of cool and all.

The idea of naming a kayak seems a bit wanky to be honest, but there's this supserstition where going out in an unnamed vessel is bad luck, and for those of a more pragmatic bent, when the time comes to go offshore and I start mucking about with VHF, it helps to have a name for your call sign. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

More sheep. The sheep are more or less endless, you might have noticed. These are the show lambs, which have now been shown and can be divested of their wool. So four lambs at one place (2 x moorit, 1 x gotland and 1 x gotlandxtexelxperendale*). At the other, one lamb and a bunch of crutching.

Here are the two rams that are being kept from that flock:

On the right we have Tock, who won prizes at Masterton show for his good looks. On the left, I can't remember his name but he's busy sprouting what will eventually be a fantastic set of horns. Neither of them were too rapt at being wrestled to the ground and having their nethers shaved - imagine a young man showing off to the laydeez, and then getting dragged off by his Mum to do the chores. Kind of like that.

I am somewhat concerned about my elbow. I first noticed it after doing that 100m fishing at New Year, and I thought maybe I'd pulled something. But it's been 8 weeks and it's still sore and everything I do seems to aggravate it - shearing, crafting, handstands - even sleeping with my arm out of the bed does it. The worst seems to be hyperextension, so I suspect that's what's caused it and that the crafting and fishing are just factors that contribute. It's frustrating because I haven't done a handstand for weeks and I feel like I'm going backwards. *sigh*

Oh, and there's an art thing on Friday that the Hypnotutu will be at, with me in it I guess. I'm equal parts excited and nervous at the prospect of taking it out in public, but it could be loads of fun right? Right? At least hopefully I'll get a few more pics of it, and maybe a video.

And I'm hoping I'll find time in this crazy week to actually test it and charge it up before then, or it could just be embarrassing.

* this one was an embarrassing mistake to do with a randy ram and a ewe that was too good at fencebusting. I suggested they market it on TradeMe as a specialist lifestyle breed. Weirdest looking sheep ever.
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