tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Who knew fish could be so funky?

This morning I got a text from Kiri. It had a picture in it.

It's one of those proverbial pictures, that says so much without saying anything at all. So I replied with this one:

"Meanwhile in Wellington..."

Which is what I was doing at the time. Wellington, as usual, is blowing its guts out. It was not a kayak testing day, nor even a kite flying day. My windcloth frame around the broccoli fell over in a gust, and the YoT dried his work uniform in the shed so he wouldn't have to go get it from the neighbours.

But yay, because look! My grinder is working! I did all my gear and those lambs on Monday should be cream after all that.

Also, I've been getting interested in soft bait, which is a soft plastic lure that imitates baitfish. I like lure fishing. Anyway, I couldn't resist giving these ones a try:

Fluoro rave bait!
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