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Ask a busy person..

So I had reason to call a courier this morning and ended up getting put on hold. Instead of the usual Bic Runga hold music (why yes I do spend a fair bit of time on hold to IRD, why do you ask?), I was confronted with one of those morning radio hosts informing me in a semi-shout that "Women LOVE getting flowers for Valentine's Day, but what should you give to a man?"

Luckily I was put through to an operator before they enlightened me. I believe dead animal flesh and fellatio is the generally-accepted-by-morning-radio Universal Man Gift. Not that I've anything against either, but the minute I'm told that it's a requirement, I get all bloody-minded about it. I doubt I'm alone in this.

Have I mentioned how much I detest morning radio hosts?

I used to be a florist. As a consequence I'm not a huge fan of cut flowers as a gift - I spent years wallowing in them and presenting them and observing people using them as a form of currency in a relationship that was supposed to fix all sorts of neglect and mistreatment.

But having said that, the sight of Dr Wheel this morning in his dressing gown, out in the garden picking me a nasturtium, made my little heart go "D'awww!" Not because of the flower, but because Dr Wheel in his dressing gown traipsing round the garden in the peaceful early dawn. Who wouldn't be moved by that?

He's luffly. Every day of the year. *ticks off mental checklist*

Terrifyingly intelligent - check
Hawt - check
Makes me laugh till I nearly wet myself on a regular basis - check

What more could a girl ask for?

"Steak and blowjobs!" comes the shout from the peanut gallery. Well, yes. And flowers. A Ferrari. A trip to Majorca. I could ask for a lot of things. But that list up there, along with the enablement for pursuit of my own happiness and willingess to share his, are enough for me I reckon.

Although, installing 3-phase power into our shed would be pretty cool. Then I could bring this home:

Behold my grinder. I'm quite proud of it. It's the only thing I own that's bigger than Patrick's. I use it for sharpening my shearing gear. It's basically an industrial-strength bench grinder with 2 14-inch plates that spin at about 3600rpm. It weighs 45kg, and lives in a (very messy) shed up the back of Horokiwi.

This means that to grind my gear I have to arrange for the shed to be open, then go up there to do the job. Changing the papers takes a bit more time, and last time I did it I was in a rush, and messed the job up - the comb paper has a bubble in it that's giving an uneven grind, which causes the cutters to wool up and not cut properly, which makes everything hard. So I have to do it again.

This time I took the plates off and brought them home, so I can do them at my leisure. Then when I take them back I'll get a good grind (hopefully) which should see me right until next mainshear, when the whole rigmarole will have to start again.

This was good for a while, but the guy whose shed it is has gone out of sheep. He doesn't use it any more, and as you can see his shed is slowly encroaching on the space the grinder takes up. I'm pretty sure he'd be happy for me to take it away, and I'm starting to think that might be a good plan. However, our shed doesn't have three phase power, and I don't know (and can't read off the grinder plate cos it's so old) whether they will actually run on single phase without blacking out our house and half the neighbourhood. Hmm.. how to find out?

Anyway, I'm adding that to the list of jobs for the weekend. It goes like this:

Mow lawn, weed garden, plant carrots and onions, make catnip cage for fuvenusrs, change grinder papers, help out with Between the Lines (which you should go to, incidentally), make some progress on Cullen, and maybe go for a walk and find some good spots to chuck a line in for a spot of spinning for kahawai. I'm sure there'll be time for all that, right?

Oh yeah, and I rejoined the Kiwiburn excom.
Tags: i have a bigger grinder than you, yep
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