tatjna (tatjna) wrote,


Today I am flying up to Auckland to catch up with my friend Kiri, who I haven't seen since 2001. In that time she's got married, bought a small farm, and lost a breast to cancer. Along with many other things I will discover as part of the weekend.

Kiri was pivotal in my retention of sanity while living with my husband. It was her that got me into fishing, and who never for a second bought the line that I was not my own agent. She just assumed I would make my own decisions about what I wanted to do, and while she never witnessed the consequences to me of having made those decisions, I suspect she knew anyway and it didn't phase her in the slightest.

It's thanks to her that the untenability of my marriage became clear to me. I owe her a lot.

She wants to take me marlin fishing and possibly pig hunting.

Tags: eeeeeee!, kiri
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