tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Oh yeah, that other shiny thing I made

Last night I made pasta with a tomato and courgette sauce/base thing - like, from scratch, without buying one of those jobbies in jars. Nothing unusual in that, right? But apart from the mushrooms and a capsicum, everything else in it was from our own garden. Including the herbs.

I am inordinately pleased about this. Also, I see a lot of tomato-eating in our future. And possibly salsa-making. And sundried-tomato-doing. Although, I've no idea how to do that. Preserving? Eep!

Taken by the very talented Pete Jennings, whose Kiwiburn photoset on Flickr is the best I've seen so far. He's done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the event, so if you're wondering what Kiwiburn looks like, please go have a look. And at the top of page 4, there's a nice pic of the Sensorium (Dr Wheel's art project).

I was wearing all black in that pic, deliberately. However, this has highlighted that it makes me look like a floating skirt (or a jellyfish, depending on your state of perception). So I've had another brainfart, which involves adding a hairpiece with illumination, just to balance it a bit and demonstrate that yes, I do have a head.

*more soldering yay*

Yes, the Brainfart is supposedly now called the Hypnotutu. Because that's at least a little bit descriptive, right? It's going to get another outing in about a month's time, and this time I'll deliberately ask someone to take some video footage, because it's shiny! And ever-changing! Apparently this makes it difficult to photograph...

Tomorrow I have to shear sheep. Polwarths, even. Wheeeeee, back to reality. Oh wait, I have a picture of a fluoro orange monster sitting on a purple fluffy unicorn (photo by Kylee Bowater) on my desktop.

As you were...
Tags: brainfart, headless floating jellyfish, hypnotutu, i r shiny, i still have kidneys yay!
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