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Beagl convinced me to change my title by proving that it is a thought-provoking issue..

So today's news item was about a burglar. Now, this burglar has 85 convictions and is going to be sentenced to a jail term. The catch is, in between being arrested and being sentenced, this burglar has had a sex-change operation. He is now a woman.

Apparently there is hot debate about whether this person should be sent to a men's or women's prison. Um, women's, right? Don't really even need to think about it. Except, the Powers That Be are asking for Proof that this person is female. And of course, genetically, that can't be done. Thus the lack of a common sense decision.

How did the Powers That Be get power? What are the criteria for a Power That Is? Intelligence, Leadership by Example and Compassion don't seem to be in there..

[EDIT] Oh yeah, the other one I heard - apparently there has been a change in legislation and the police are no longer allowed to hide in bushes or camouflage themselves in order to catch speeding motorists. Aw, poor them! No more playing Commandos! Back to the dorky-looking uniforms.. What a shame! *giggle*
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