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There was dancing. I've missed it. Amazingly, our class has grown, so now my arms once more come dangerously close to other girls' noses. Oh but I do enjoy wiggling! Things have stepped up a notch though. Now we have to put the moves -together-! Argh! *goes back to being unco*

Wow. There's this thing on TV where two guys spend the night in a tent in the coldest inhabited place on earth (Oymyakon - negative 50 degrees). They have Macpac gear. I'm impressed. With the gear, not the intelligence of pulling such a stunt.

Er, anyway. There are climbing shoes strewn all over my desk with rocks and bricks on them, adding the DIY finishing touches to make them perfect for use after their refit.

Plans are Afoot. Tats is once more about to venture ouside her comfort zone. We Need Your Help. ;-)

And, I have an interview for that gardening job. Funny, when I rang them the attitude was "So what makes you think you want to be a gardener?" Then they saw my CV. Now it's "How much were you wanting to be paid?" I wonder what brought about the change in attitude? Maybe the sheep-shearing. Or was it the chainsaw certificate? Or my pesticide registration.. years of market gardening? Floristry? Heh. I'm so glad I've lived an eclectic life..
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