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I admit up front this isn't the most balanced and mature reaction

So it was a hardware problem, bugger it all. Crapped out hard drive. I am unimpressed with this, since upon digging around in my old receipts I discovered that it is 9 days out of warranty - just over a year old.

This is the point where someone is almost guaranteed to pipe up "Consumer Guarantees Act!"

What I actually want is a hard drive that works.

When I realised I'd have to replace the current one, I looked up the warranty that came with it and discovered the 9 days thing. Then, on Dr Wheel's recommendation I looked up the manufacturer's website and found that the drive has a 2-year warranty from date of purchase if it's sold by an authorised dealer.

I have no idea if the dealer I bought it from is authorised or not, and while I know I could find out, by the time I've done that, retrieved what data I can, sent the bloody thing off, argued the toss about the CGA and got a replacement, the $100 or so I'd spend just buying a new one would have disappeared in time and hassle anyway*. And I'd have another of the same drive that just crapped out on me, which isn't really what I want.

So I've decided to just go ahead and get a new drive (or maybe two). I looked around online and discovered that there are a limited number of manufacturers to choose from these days. I've always had good luck with Seagate, but other people haven't. The one that crapped out was WesternDigital, which some people say are great, but my experience has been that the one I had was shite. And of course, they all fail eventually, it's just a matter of when.

So I went to Twitter, thinking I'd do a straw poll and see what people thought. Big mistake.

Remember yesterday, how I made a snarky comment about how whenever I talk about computers, a bunch of geeks pop up and give me conflicting information, all of which is telling me to do something other than what I am doing?

Yeah, that. The first response was someone telling me to invoke the Consumer Guarantees Act and telling me there are only 2-3 manufacturers these days anyway, and getting shitty when I said I'd already decided not to do that and did they have a recommendation?

Now, I'm sure they were just trying to be helpful. But it's really annoying when people undermine the decisions you've made based in the assumption that you either haven't considered everything or just don't know things. How hard is it to take "I want to do this and would like product recommendations please" at face value?

And more tellingly, why do people assume that when I ask for a product recommendation it's because I haven't already put considerable thought into something and done my research before making the decision that led to the request? Yes yes, I know, anyone with helpdesk experience would probably have second-guessed whether it actually was the hard drive and asked if I'd turned my machine off and on again.

Me: "Can you please recommend an X you like?"
Them: "You should do this other thing instead!"
Me: "Are you even listening?"

That's how it feels. The thing is, when people do this it makes me not want to ask for advice or recommendations. I would rather struggle on my own than be patronised like that.

Oh wow. And now I get another person telling me I should think of hard drives as temporary storage and do backups because they all fail eventually. ORLY I NEVER KNEW THAT!

I give up. I'll just buy whatever the fuck I feel like.

*Some would say it's my duty to do it anyway, to keep retailers on the straight and narrow. But I do enough things out of duty already. Someone else can carry that flag.

I guess what I can take from that is that it doesn't actually matter what manufacturer I buy from, it's a lottery. Therefore asking for recommendations is pointless. And yeah, I'm probably being cranky and curmudgeonly about this, and not cutting slack for people just trying to be helpful. But imagine yourself going to, say, buy new tyres for your car, and asking for recommendations for all-terrain ones. And then instead of recommendations, people start saying "Tyres are manufactured in India" or "You should get your car serviced regularly." Er, thanks?

I don't respond well to that sort of thing. I probably have a chip on my shoulder from a lifetime of being assumed ignorant based on gender. Or maybe I'm just a giant know-it-all. Sue me.

In other news, we have a Will. Or we will have one if his plane doesn't get blown to Antarctica instead. He's supposed to land at lunchtime and it's a fair bet that he'll be at Fidel's tonight. I am looking forward to Will-hugs.
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