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In which the only sign of my internal panic is my toes clenching

Last night we did two-ups. Two-ups are scary. Scary enough so that Happy now has a bruise on his shoulder where I was death-gripping him with my toes. This is a two-up:

It's a really long way down from up there, and nothing at all like standing on a ladder.

So we did that, and then we walked around a little bit, and then my base decided that standing on one leg would be fun, and I think that's when my toes went *clench* because psychologically, that's just a little bit challenging.

Just a little bit. *cough*

However, apart from my frustration with my complete lack of spatial awareness when being spun around upside down under someone else's control*, I think we're improving. As in, we did better at the things we learned last week, and successfully attempted new things. Also I got to climb on my partner like he's a horse and for some reason this makes me happy.

* I'm fairly sure this is normal. But I'm told that eventually you get used to living in Topsy-Turvy world and get your brain back. I am looking forward to that day.

Actually I'm not. Far from it. But there's this guy on DeviantArt who manipulates videogame character assets and basically strips them to their undies, puts them on their knees, ties their hands behind their backs, and adds a red shiny ball gag.

None of which bothers me all that much, except that:

a) All of the characters he does this to are women
b) They are all in the same position
c) There is no context or story for how this came about

To me, this isn't art. I try really hard not to be judgy about art because I'm aware it's subjective. And the first one I saw I sort of grinned wryly and went "Huh" and moved on. But then the guy started spamming groups I'm in with these pictures, and I quickly noticed the three things mentioned above. So in a fit of facetiousness I asked him why he didn't do male characters too.

Apparently he doesn't go for men, and is not into the idea of seeing men in this position. I mentioned that I'm not into the idea of seeing women in this position either*. He suggested I block him, so I did. Unfortunately on DeviantArt, blocking someone doesn't block their art, it just stops them from being able to communicate with you.

And now the guy is scraping the bottom of the barrel - this morning he posted a pic of The Lady of the Forest (yes, the one from the werewolf quest in DA:O) in bondage. I'm hoping this is a sign that he's running out of DA characters to make his 'art' with, and that soon he'll move on to another fandom.

I know it's not up to me to tell someone what they should and shouldn't create, but it's highly noticeable on DeviantArt just how large a percentage of the art consists of women in various states of undress and/or submission. And seeing a whole lot of my favourite female characters arbitrarily stripped to their undies and put in bondage for no reason other than the gratification of a few guys who like to see that sort of thing really rubs me up the wrong way.

Thus, I am a prude. And it's sad because it makes me not want to look at the groups he's posting in, and that means I miss out on a bunch of good art.


Meanwhile, I walked all round town yesterday looking for a new watering can and nobody had one. Well, that's not true. A couple of places had them but it seems that watering cans are currently Retro!Trendy, so they're all enamelled and decorative and tiny. When you're trying to water an actual garden you need at least 10 litres, and most of them only came in 5. However, in Reasons to Love the Internet #432, I was able to get a proper one from a garden centre and have it delivered for half the price of one of those flowery toy ones.

And, my goodies arrived! All at once! I now have the leather, buckles, rivets and Wonderflex needed to complete the outfit. All I'm waiting on is the maille, which will take a week or two. But that's ok, I have plenty to go on with...
Tags: adagio, circus freak, drunken clowns, ph3ar mah skillz0rs!, totally not art
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