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Shovelling dirt, making swords, lalala

So you know how Dr Wheel is learning Haskell? Well last night the YoT informed us about Malbolge, an esoteric programming language that was deliberately designed to make it impossible to write a functioning program with it. However, it has flaws that can be exploited to get around that somewhat defeatist design, and thus people actually do use it. Well, in actuality, it's probably *person* that uses it. Because well..

Here is an example of how to do the ubiquitous "Hello World!" in Malbolge:


Yep yep yep, it looks like a crochet pattern to me too. Interesting that fibre artists invented the first computers. Hmmm..

Anyway, have a picture of something pretty on our deck:

Well, it wasn't that much work, but ages ago some of you might remember when I planted a heap of bulbs in the forlorn hope that I'd have a pretty spring display. That was before we moved to SunnyWindyVille. The hyacinths and daffodils did ok, the freesias and sparaxis failed, but the tulips seem to like their new environment - and they handle the wind really well. So next year I'll put the other bulbs in the ground and just do the tulips in pots. Meanhwhile, pretty!

This weekend I was supposed to be shearing but the gaps between showers weren't wide enough for the sheep to dry, so instead I did other things!

- Fixed the pockets on my jacket so stuff doesn't fall out any more.
- Loads of laundry
- Coloured my hair
- Worked out how to heatsink the Brainfart without having a giant set of fins sticking out from my backside, and started to make pouches for the gubbins:

I'm using billet hooks to fasten them instead of press studs, because the leather (4mm) is too thick and the shanks on the studs aren't long enough. Damn. So that pic is one of the pouches getting its hooks on. I'll have to stitch that too. I also spent some time with Happy working out how to standardise connectors so that we can both easily charge our various wossits off the same charger when festivaling.

- Lots of pushups. I do plain ones and tricep ones, and the aim is to go right to the ground and back as slowly as possible. It hurts.
- Finished digging over the vegie garden and planted out some of the vegies that I've grown from seed:

In this garden are peas, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and mesclun. There is space for the capsicums if they ever germinate, and the next lot of tomatoes and broccoli that are sprouting now. And I dug over another part of the terrace garden for the courgette plants that have finally come up. I am quite pleased with my trellis arrangement over the back there and the peas had better live up to my expectations and grow up it. *looks sternly at peas*

- Planted more flower seeds as well - cosmos, sweet peas, cornflowers, snapdragons, nasturtiums, and loads of marigolds for going in with the vegies.
- Also planted another section of the driveway border bed thing. In the photo below you can see the agapanthus that marks the halfway point, and it shows how much further I have to go:

This time there are wallflowers, lupins, alstroemeria, sweet william, foxglove, and some silvery ground cover thingy. I've never had any luck with lupins but maybe here, since the soil is so much better. I give it about 4 weeks before I reach the end at the rate I've been going. After that, I'll prune the trees that are taking over the other side of the front section, then I'll start tackling the overgrown wild bit below the deck.

- Went grocery shopping. This is exciting for me because normally Dr Wheel does it and I'm not sure we should both go regularly because we enable each other. The supermarket had this:

I am not convinced that this shirt is as crease resistant as they suggest, just saying. And then we went to the MegaBunnings in Lyall Bay and got bits for Dr Wheel's shiny art project. Which I'll be allowed to talk about when it's finished, but which will be awesome and a total headfuck. Neato.

- Made a sword. Well, started making a sword. That was the deal - I'd be allowed to dress Dr Wheel as Cullen as long as he got a sword and shield. And while I'm waiting to have enough money to carry on the armour, I might as well get on with that, right?

So far, the sword has been much easier than any of the staffs I've made. I think it's partly because I have a fair bit of experience making weapons now so I know which techniques are likely to work, which cuts out the trial and error time. Also, I have the materials for the blade just sitting there. This sword is kind of practice for the Blade of Mercy, which contains LEDs and will be a bit harder.

- Found the perfect pair of gauntlets online for $26US. I doubt I could make them cheaper than this, especially given that I don't really know what I'm doing. So I bought them. When they arrive I will be in finger armour hell for a while, but they will look AWESOME.

- Finished Yorick. Made the ring. I think it's ugly but it works. I am not sure how to make it better, but pombagira, if you're ok with it I'd like to hang onto it for another few days to try and make the ring less ugly.

This evening is the first class of the new term for adagio. This time I have a partner to learn and practice with, even if we don't get to play together in class (they tend not to pair noobs togehter for safety reasons and while we aren't complete noobs, we are compared with a lot of our classmates). I expect this will make it more appealing. I'm not hugely enamoured with cheerleading-style adagio, but it's all we have here right now and all training helps, right?

Meanwhile, we have more spring winds. It's gale force northerly and I've no doubt the sheep would be dry if it didn't keep raining. When they do dry, they'll be *really* fluffy because they've been blowdried. Hopefully that'll be tomorrow evening.

Oh yeah, and we watched that movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Apparently Jobs was an arsehole and Gates is a socially-awkward manipulator. Or maybe that's just Hollywood.
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