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So yesterday, after the Aussie magnet folks had refunded me and I'd ordered and paid for some from a NZ firm, I got home and - you guessed it - there they were. And I tested them, and one of them is substantially better than anything I've tried so far. However, now I have a potentially even better one on the way. So we shall see.

Meanwhile, I emailed the Aussie firm and told them what happened so I could organise to make sure they get their money. Cos I'm honest like that.

And now, I have ALL THE MAGNETS. I'm told I shouldn't play with them, they are not toys. Even the websites that sell them to you waggle their fingers admonishingly at you as you enter your credit card details.. So I really don't know what I'll do with all these magnets. I guess I could make a series of hall effect sensor based toys?

Here, have a thing, courtesy of roobarb:

Dancers doing real-life stuff

Yesterday I returned my first requested beta edit. After last time I was nervous that the author would be offended by my comments, but she's not and I'm stoked. *phew*

And I am falling in love with Parker pens. Well, Parker pencil to be precise. I inherited a nice set from Mum when she died, and like a lot of things I just stashed them away and forgot about them. But they resurfaced in the move, and with my template making frenzy in full swing, I'm appreciating the little pushy-pencil sharp pointy end bit enormously. Also my tech drawing training. I got forced into tech drawing when I was in high school because "It's sort of art, right? It uses pencils!" and all the teachers and career advisors thought my talent for drawing ponies could be channelled into something that actually made money.

At the time, I mostly just drew ponies on my bits of paper, thought three-point perspective was stupid and wrong (I still do although I now see a use for it), and was creeped out by the teacher who was one of those ones that'd lean over you and put his hands on the desk each side of you when he looked at your work. And all those straight lines and the silly frame you had to put round each bit of paper? I hated it. But apparently I still managed to absorb something from it and now I'm glad I did. And it's probably a good thing I didn't stab Mr Spears in the hand with my compass too right? Not that it didn't cross my mind every time he breathed down the back of my neck..

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