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My magnets are now considered lost in the post, and the company is refunding me. This leaves me with the following options:

1. Find the cupboard door magnet that has been the best so far and use it.
2. Buy another one just the same for $2 and hope it's as good.
3. Use one of the neodymium ones that aren't as good and hope they get better.
4. Bite the bullet and phone someone in NZ and convince them to sell me a samarium-cobalt one.

In New Zealand, rare earth magnets are restricted - they'll only sell them for industrial, commercial or educational purposes. Usually folks get around this by saying they are for educational purposes, and that's what I'd have to do - by telephone - to get them. I don't really like the phone but I love pombagira so I'm willing to do that for her, but I have no guarantee that the samarium ones will be any better than the cupboard door one, and the experience with the neodymium ones has made me wary.

I guess I should be thankful that that is my biggest dilemma right now.

For the first time in 3 years. Life has conspired to keep me away for that long through various means, although this year it was a personal choice to do something different.

I have mixed feelings about Kiwiburn these days. Part of why I stopped going was burnout from being on the organising crew, and a certain amount of ambivalence about the direction the new crew was taking the festival, which conflicted with my vision at the time.

I've had a while to get over that and develop a different perspective - one that is ok with how the festival's being run and quite excited about the prospect of merely being a participant (with all that entails) rather than feeling duty-bound to make sure the festival itself is as perfect as it can possibly be, and driving myself into the ground to achieve that.

Going to a festival and actually having fun? Yes please.

So I'm going, and I'm not making a theme camp. I might take a small piece of art I've had an idea for, but that'll be it as far as serious commitment goes. I rather enjoy interacting with people and would like to do more of that.

And those who would question my principles and motivations can stay over there, enjoying whatever it is they do to have fun, and not being radically included as part of my burn. Because radical inclusion does not include fuckwits, and I don't want to let other people's bullshit affect my enjoyment. There's room at the new site for everybody.

I just wish I could shake the feeling that I'm going despite, instead of because. ;-/

Last night I made the worlds' tiniest pauldron out of cardboard. And yesterday I discovered Palight foam, which might make a cheaper, more lightweight alternative to Wonderflex. Now wouldn't that be cool? I cheekily emailed them to see if they'd send me a sample. Because nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
Tags: kiwiburn, magnets how the fuck do they work?, pvc foam is love
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