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In which I get Twitter famous and try the 'broken windows' approach to broken windows.

So this weekend I got 15 hours of internet fame, because the @dragonage account tweeted this:

That account has like 90,000 followers. Thus, I woke up on Saturday morning with 200 or so messages in my DeviantArt inbox, and duly spent a sizeable chunk of the weekend dealing with that and answering questions about how it was made, and generally being all "OMG people like my stuff." Notable is that there have been zero haters. Dragon Age people are clearly awesome.

So there was that. The thing is, I know that what I make is good, but I don't really think it's any particular talent - it's just a bunch of learned skills and a lot of determination and attention to detail. And some folks in the morass of messages have been asking questions about how to do things. And of course apart from the journal I kept here while I was making it, I don't have any tutorial type thingies online. So with the Cullen suit, which I started this weekend, I'm going to make tutorials as I go.

While it would be nice to have a website that does that sort of thing, I'm too busy actually making things to bother building one - I know what I need to do and in order to create that I'd have to spend a couple of days on it and, well, I can't be arsed. So instead, I'm going to post my tutorials here and link to them from DA. It'll do in the meantime.

So yeah, I did a bit of Cullen but that'll be in another post for those who give a crap. Meanwhile, there was no shearing on Saturday so instead I got out in the garden and planted up the bit I dug over a couple of weeks ago:

So now the vegie garden contains pumpkin, squash, tomatoes, broccoli, chilis, spring onions, celery, spinach, beans, and radishes. Oh, and the ubiquitous potatoes. The nasturtium border is also sprouting. I lost a pumpkin in the wind last night, so now there's space to maybe grow peas up that frame on the opposite side from the remaining pumpkin. I have also realised that the bit behind the shed will have to be brought in for the seedlings that are coming up now, so guess what I'll be doing next weekend?

And just to get my hand in for that, I dug over and planted another 5m of the driveway. Well, I started doing that, then one of the windows fell out of the house. It has those stupid long metal lever catches that supposedly keep your windows safe but actually don't. This one's obviously had problems before because it'd been bodgied together, and when that fell apart and the window slammed back against the side of the house, the whole frame just came to pieces.

The upside of that is that the panes didn't break. We were able to pick it up and transport it indoors and piece it back together:

It's all dowelled joints which is a good thing. So we did that, added some wood glue, retrieved the bit that was still on the hinge, and sat it in the shed with bags of compost on top for a few hours:

Then we put it back. Of course by then it was even windier, and it took both menfolk outside holding the bloody thing still against the wind while I screwed it back onto the hinges. But it was done in time for us to sleep (it was our bedroom window) and luckily it didn't rain yesterday.

I'm under no illusions that gluing it back together with wood glue has made it good as new, but there was sufficient evidence underneath where it fell out to tell me that window's had a few mishaps over the years. It's pretty fucked anyway, and I think the best thing we could do is putty it, and then paint it over so it can't be opened. We have another window that works, let's use that one. ;-)

So then I went back to my flowers. Here is a picture of me looking very tall as I walked up the drive this morning.

Things of note include the agapanthus in the foreground, which basically signposts the half way mark for this strip of border. Again I can't remember the names of what I planted, there's a red manuka in there and some more salvia (salvia's becoming a theme here, they better perform!) and some dianthus because they were cheap. Other things too, bushy things with pretty leaves!

Also achieved this weekend: getting Yorick to more-or-less behave himself. He still has a bug, but it's not a loose-connection type one. It's weird - the longer you hold the magnet near the sensor, the longer the sensor keeps the eyes on before fading out after you take the magnet away. It's not supposed to do that, but hey - it's for pombagira and therefore it's apt that it has a mind of its own. Also, the rare earth magnets I bought at Jaycar didn't trigger the sensor from any further than the cupboard one I've been using as a test. So I have 2 options - wait for the ones from Australia - which are now nearly a week overdue - and see if they are any better, or put the cupboard one in and be done with it. What would you do?

And and and! Last night Dr Wheel cooked us corned silverside with roast spuds and steamed beans. Like proper farmer food, it was! OM NOM NOM NOM. I support Dr Wheel's ambition to become proficient at making a wide variety of things!

Also, I need to add: the whole window falling out thing? We made a plan to fix it and executed it under crappy circumstances without having an argument or being shitty at each other. Couples DIY is like the ultimate acid test of communication, right?

We win.
Tags: all the vegies, home diy, oh look our window fell out, some of the flowers
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