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Turns out it wasn't the wiring at all. It was the chip. As mentioned in the comments yesterday, chips are arse.

I found out it was the chip by dismantling and testing the whole thing, and then removing the ATTiny85 and hooking it all back up to the Arduino. Miraculously, the bug disappeared. And I picked it up and shook it and wiggled things and gave it a really hard time and it still worked. Hook the Tiny up and... *flickerflicker* - complete with the weird response to moving the sensor - which, incidentally, is at the other end of the circuit, as far away from the chip as you can get.

Why wiggling this would make a faulty chip do anything consistently like that is beyond me. But I conclude - chips are arse.

Luckily, grist is currently on holiday and since he's the one with the Magic Arduino --> Tiny code conversion wossit and a drawer full of Tinys, he's offered to reload a new chip today, so that should all be sorted by tonight. Sweet!

Meanwhile, I kind of knew when I heard academics talking about Silk Road at Psychedelic Science that its days were numbered. Let's face it, if academia is studying it, the state has known about it for a while and probably infiltrated it. Kind of like LulzSec, really. And even back in April there had been some busts in Australia of people using it.

The sad part is that instead of taking it as evidence that folks will find a way to use drugs regardless of what governments do and that perhaps a new approach is warranted, I fully expect to start hearing about the dollar value of the drugs that supposedly haven't made it to the street because of the bust, and no doubt somewhere in there will be the Countless Lives (probably children's ones) That Have Been Saved.

Fact: there is already another way for those drugs to get to market. People are already taking the drugs that the US authorities are patting themselves on the back for saving us from. That's how it works in a black market. And the sooner the authorities take off their self-satisfied, ignorant blinkers and start focusing on interventions that actually do work to save lives, the better.

This weekend I am buying fabric for Cullen. I R EXCITE.

Also, we have three viewings booked for the apartment today. Plz wish us luck that nice people will want it.
Tags: buggy bug bug, chips are arse, failed war on drugs, found you you fucker, silk road
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