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Nek minute: Cats and dogs, living together

So I cancelled my gym membership.

"WTF Tats?!? I thought you were a dedicated gym rat with the muscles and the protein shakes and stuff?"

Well, yes. And I want to be able to press a handstand and use my body well into my old age and all that good stuff.

My lifestyle has changed quite a lot.

For a start I now spend half an hour to an hour per day walking to and from work. On really crappy days or if I have bags of stuff I catch the bus, but otherwise I walk. I also have a garden and a lawn to take care of and this involves a lot of digging and pushing of mowers and general use of my body for hard stuff. The other cool thing about having a garden is that it's a good place to practice doing handstands. So basically I'm not short of the opportunities for exercise that I need.

I have also signed up for an adagio class this term at the circus hub, because Happy is less broken and seems somewhat unafraid of the potential for me to headbutt him in the nuts, therefore I have someone to climb on and that makes adagio infinitely more appealing. And practice opportunities for that have become easier with the move too.

The other thing is that the things I've been doing at the gym lately are not things that require a gym to do. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises, stretching, and handstand practice. These things don't use equipment and if I'm to be completely honest the space at the gym is not ideal for handstand practice anyway, because it's full of equipment and other people. In contrast, the circus hub has a practice club - so if I really wanted to use an indoor space to practice handstands, I could join that for less expense. But to be honest, right now I think I'm muddling along fine on my own. If that changes in future I'll revisit my decision.

Meanwhile, our apartment still hasn't rented. We have dropped the rent considerably to the point where it's now below what we know other apartments in the same building are getting. There is nothing wrong with the apartment, it's apparently just a difficult time of year, in fact it's the time when most tenancy managers go on holiday, so while we aren't too worried, it is a financial burden we could do without. We are hoping that the reason we didn't get our Monday check-in from our guy is that he's busy closing a rental arrangement and waiting to give us the good news.

However, we can't bank on that and right now we are paying rent and a mortgage at the same time. While I'm managing my end of this without eating into my savings, it is leaving me with practically zero disposable income and things like the gym become luxuries at that point. I was looking for places to tighten my belt, and given that my natural patterns of exercise have shifted and I'm not going to the gym as often lately anyway, I figure it's time.

So yeah, not giving up, just changing my approach.

I would like to add that while the current situation is a bit of a push, I feel very privileged to even be able to contemplate making the decision we have. I am very aware that this is enabled by having two decent incomes and another part time one contributing to our household. I am still gobsmacked every time I think about this, because part of my mind is still in the financial scarcity mode that it has spent most of its life in. I hope I never become complacent about financial security, but I can see how it happens, you know?

The decision to move has been a really, really good one in all other aspects. Our new place is quiet, roomy, sunny and pleasant. It has a garden! I didn't realise how much I'd missed having a garden until I got one again. And I find myself laughing a lot more these days.

What's not to like?
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