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Postcards from Brooklyn

Last night, in an effort to improve our suburban street cred, we bought a lawnmower. And because we are tree-hugging hippies (or maybe dinkies or perhaps some form of crunchy yuppies I really don't know anymore), we got a push one. This is actually because I'm lazy and have some experience with small motors and the mower provided is a four stroke that has been described as 'temperamental'.

Now, I know enough about small engines to know that 'temperamental' means 'won't start without the wind blowing the right way, exactly the right amount of choke, the sacrifice of a virgin or two and pulling the cord to the rhythm of Smoke on the Water precisely 2.5 times'. And it also involves keeping petrol and oil in the shed at all times, which involves remembering to buy it. And then there's the bit where engines are noisy and smelly and the prep and maintenance take up chunks of time that I'd rather spend doing other things.

Frankly, I can't be arsed with all that faffing. A push mower you just get out of the shed, push it around, job done. Tonight, if it's not hosing down, it'll get the inaugural push. Because tidy lawns are important, yo.

Not really, it just feels like we're on holiday. Here, have a postcard from Brooklyn:

On the left, for those not familiar, is a cabbage tree. They make pretty silhouettes.

Also last night, I was almost incapable of moving. That was quite a weekend of trying to do hard stuff, and my body responded by literally everything hurting. Even the palms of my hands hurt. So Dr Wheel, because he is awesome, ran me a bath with bubbles and persuaded me to get in it*, then dried me off and carried me to bed, where I proceeded to fall asleep in about 10 seconds flat because I was so relaxed. Today I feel fantastic.

<3 Dr Wheel. Seriously, I cannot recommend this man enough. Even his weird astrology book says so. *ahem*

Meanwhile, here are some pics of our dining room. This mysteriously got sorted while I was away over the weekend. When I left it had stuff all over the table and a box on the floor. Now it's a dedicated dining room:

The table's pushed against the wall because mostly we don't need all six seats, which leaves this huge space in the rest of the room, which is very sunny. A lot of the plants have ended up in here:

I am hoping the lovely light will help my zebra plant perk up from its problems. Brutus the winter-flowering cactus on the left is another indestructable plant which I've had for 25 years. Mum gave him to me as a cutting when I left home. The plant he came off was given to her as a cutting when my folks bought their first house in NZ back in 1971. So Brutus is nearly as old as me and I'm quite attached to him.

And here is that garden I pass on my walk to work.

It doesn't look like much, but it covers about a quarter of an acre and it's terraced down the side of a really steep hill that would get all day sun. I've worked out that it's attached to an individual house, and it looks like the people are using it to feed themselves. It's just the sort of garden I'd like to have one day when I have time to dedicate to it. Only, mine would have more flowers. Yep.

*I feel similarly about baths to how I feel about motor mowers - they are generally more hassle than they're worth. Also, I'm not very good at letting people look after me. But Dr Wheel is all kinds of persuasive and last night, it was just the ticket. More <3

The craft room is now at the stage where it needs a table. Oddly enough, they seem to be quite hard to come by on TradeMe. Maybe I'm being too fussy, or just impatient. I cheekily asked someone for a Buy Now price and the one they put on was double the reserve. Which is way more than the thing's worth, and obviously twice what they were willing to take for it. I'll pay $20 more for convenience, sure, but double? Um, no. But I would like to get on with finishing getting that sorted, so I can disappear in there and make nefarious things.

Also, shearing this weekend. Apparently these ones might have lice. Eek!
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