tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Reasons to love Dr Wheel #81 - he tells me when I have things stuck on my face.


Anyway.. last night we sold rugs from our house. Well, a rug anyway.

So we had this rug. You know the one, folks who've been to our place. The big shaggy white wool one that sheds all over your Wellington Black clothing and makes small food items disappear like magic when you drop them.

Dr Wheel bought the rug before we got together, for $100. It's big enough to roll around on and worked really well with the generally-black-or-white colouring of the Geek Mansion Bachelorliness. Much fun was had on said rug. It could tell some stories, oh yes it could.

And then Dr Wheel moved to Hong Kong and I bought the rug off him for $100, and it languished first on my Crofton Downs floor and then on the lounge floor of our apartment.

After the cats left in May, we got the whole house steam cleaned, and paid an extra $80 to have the rug done. But while it was lifted and drying, we decided we were over having white fluff stuck to everything we own and that the lounge looks more spacious without it, so we decided to sell it.

Someone was willing to pay $180 for it on TradeMe, and they came and collected it last night. The YoT walked in just as we were gloating over our cash, and was all o.O when we said it was rug money.

I am trying to work out whether we profited or not. Realistically I think we are $100 down, because Dr Wheel was out $100 and so was I, plus the $80 for cleaning. Which makes $280 and we only got $180 back. However, Dr Wheel got his $100 back when I bought the rug off him, so maybe we broke even. And if you count it as a half-ownership in which we each had $50 equity in the rug, we are up by $80. It's all about perspective. Yup.

Anyway, I think a fancy dinner is called for with the money. In which I will try not to get things on my face.

Bottom line, we probably shouldn't become full time rug dealers.

Also, an exciting thing happened last night, which is likely to lead to more exciting things. At least, in my tiny neck of the woods. The question then becomes, just how many exciting things (read: commitments) does one woman need in her life?
Tags: selling rugs for fun and profit, well maybe not profit
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