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So the YoT got a job. He has is Sign All The Stuff meeting on Friday and that's where he'll find out what his shifts will be and how many hours he'll be working.

Yes, it's at McDonald's. He'll be flipping burgers. Or more likely working in the cafe because of the barista thing.

Here's a thing. I know a significant number of people who think that working for McDonald's is somehow sacrificing your integrity to the Cult of the Giant Corporation, and that the best thing a smart kid like the YoT could do is teach himself programming and then create a startup doing something that springs from his fertile imagination that's never been thought of before, and make millions. Or at least, be his own boss, which is superior to flipping burgers in every possible way.

I know some very impressive people who have done some very impressive things straight off the mark, and demonstrated that it is possible to take a non-traditional route to success. I take my hat off to those people.

Those people are not the YoT. He's his own person with his own ideas, and his idea is that he wants to work, earn money, and move out of home. Personally, I think gaining his independence is a pretty admirable goal, even if it is too normal for some folks' tastes.

Thing is, those folks up there, the ones who go and do all these fantastic things and never flip a burger or swipe a checkout? They probably already have a passion, something they know they want to do with their lives. They probably had people who backed that up, even if it was only in the financial support or facilitation or creation of time. They probably had encouragement to have passions when they were developing them.

The YoT's had none of that. And even if he had, that's no guarantee that he'd know what the hell he wanted to do beyond gaining his independence anyway. But independence creates the space for self-actualisation and I've got no doubt that eventually, the YoT will get passionate about something and off he'll go.

Back in the Day, I flipped burgers. I planted kumara, picked kumara, sorted bloody kumara. I swept up sheep shit and sorted wool and wrote poetry in my head while I was doing it. I spent years cutting shit off sheep's arses. I arranged flowers and I cut up dead cows in a meatworks. I cleaned other people's toilets. And what all that dead-end work did was to set me up with everything I needed mentally and physically so that when I finally did find a passion, I could just go do it.

So the YoT will go and flip burgers for a while, and he may end up getting some free education. He's chosen a workplace that stood up against the youth rates, so he'll be paid like the full citizen he is. He'll learn to discipline himself to do stuff even when he doesn't feel like it for the sake of his other goals, and most importantly, he'll have some financial independence which will allow him to begin to shape his own future.

What he does with that is completely up to him - but the fact that he has it makes me think of the 13 year old kid that rescued himself 5 years ago, and I'm damn proud that my kid has a job at McDonald's.

Now, if the universe could just materialise a job for fuvenusrs when she gets here, I think that'll be all the job-requirements of my little community pretty much sorted.

H'hear me universe? Step up.
Tags: flippin burgers, the yot and his elderliness, worky work work
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