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Evidence that I'm not just making it up..

Here is a picture of one happy girl and a couple of mountains:

This is the reason why I work. Because it allows me to go places like this.

The Mangatepopo track with Tongariro in the background. Those rocks are the main trad climbing spot in the North Island. One thing I love about the high desert is the way it appears very bland, then you start to notice the vibrant colours..

A small lake just off the track. Water sits in strange places here. Just below this lake is a completely dry stream bed. And beside the two-tiered cliffs, if you're quiet, you can hear water running underground.

Ruapehu, site of many stacks, much fun and the biggest skifield in New Zealand. Also a dormant/active volcano. It last erupted in 1996, photos here.

Normally I manage to avoid pictures of me looking like a dork, but it's hard to run in snowboard boots. And, that tomato soup was awesome. I enjoyed it every bit as much as it looks like.

My new baby.. *huge happy smile*

This is how the weather was -all- weekend. It just doesn't get better than this. You can't see it in the picture but on the cliffs behind there are lines from some guys climbing up and boarding down the steep bit, extreme style. Impressed? I was.

And oh, I -do- like daylight savings.. *happy sigh*
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