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Oh wow, SO ripped off! Tali takes her mask off and I don't get to see it because I'm not shagging her? And then I google because I have to know what she looks like, and the YoT informs me that that stock photo is her? Furrealz? I AM DISAPPOINT.

Anyway, last night's homework: pulling apart that bit of code and running separate chunks of it to see if I could isolate the various parts that made the separate test patterns run. I didn't get any of them to work. Believe it or not, this is progress, because the Arduino IDE is very helpful in saying things like "what.Thefuck is not defined in line X" and that helps me find the bit where what.Thefuck is defined, and also what the bits around what.Thefuck are supposed to do.

But it might be a while before I actually get anything to happen. My mission for Easter weekend is to get the single pixel-chase thing running on the strip, but have it behaving as if my single strip of 64 is actually 5 strips of 12 (with some blank ones on the end cos I don't need them). I expect there will be picking of the Wheel brain for this. Wish me luck.

Cockblocking. Apparently it's a thing. And according to Wikipedia, it's been around for quite a while. Naturally, I'm about 30 years behind the 8 ball on this one, and thus it's only come into my awareness in the last 5-6 years or so.

You'll note that the Wiki definition - "an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse with a partner", is very carefully gender-neutral. Urban Dictionary is slightly less careful, and this dude makes no bones about it - it's when someone stops a bloke from getting his end away by coming between him and a woman. The cock has been blocked.

There is a reference in the comments to that last one that there should be terminology for when a woman is prevented from scoring by another person, and apparently there is - but it's not as well known. What a shame. *cough* But the fact is, most people see cockblocking as preventing a man from getting laid by coming between him and his intended.

I mean, the very fact that we're talking about cocks here says a lot about the assumed blockee, right? Because nobody's ever blocked my cock, just saying.

Mind you, I don't walk around assuming that every flirty interaction I have is going to end in sex, either. And if someone did come between me and my intended, I would tend to view this as an act of agency by the intended, them having made the choice not to shag me (for whatever reason) rather than assume that if it hadn't been for the interfering person, I'd be getting laid right now.

No I don't mean right now, get your mind out of the gutter.

And that's what bothers me about cockblocking as a term - it assumes that if the cock were not blocked by the Blocker, there would be no barriers to Teh Sexing of Teh Laydee. Which kind of assumes that the lady isn't able to decide for herself that she'd rather talk to this other person that sex Teh Cock, or perhaps that it's an automatic yes until Teh Blocker comes along. Both of these assumptions make me uncomfortable.

It's not a huge deal, but the way we use language reflects the attitudes of our culture, and the term 'cockblocking', IMO, reflects a culture that assumes sex as a goal and devalues female agency, turning them into the objects of male pursuit. So, um, if you find yourself using this term, please have a think about the context you're using it in, and whether your cock was actually being blocked from that sex object, or if perhaps that object turned out to be a person and chose for themself. Just a thought.

I acknowledge that this is a heteronormative view, and that the term doesn't just apply to heterosexual interactions, but it does seem the vast majority of these interactions assume the object is female and the blockee is male. And in reality, the removal of agency from a male 'object' is just as problematic.

Also last night, I went on Moo and made myself some cards. I feel like a bit of a wanker, because they have no title, just my name, email and phone number - I mean, what title do I give myself really, given that the purpose of these cards is to give to people I meet at drug policy conferences, burn events, geek/maker dos, hippie festivals, and academic networking thingies, so that they remember we had that conversation about that thing and can get in touch? My work ones have my job title and I've handed out a total of about three in my entire career. But this is sort of different, and I might just end up giving out at least 10. Still feel like a wanker.

But now I'm a wanker with cards.

Disclaimer: Not a wanker with cards like Creepy Magician Guy, I hope. Plz kick me in the shins if I get like that.
Tags: mah cock it is blocked!, oh shit tourettes, respect the cock, show me the cock, too many cocks
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