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But the internet is awesome and here's why

"But what are you going to do with a robot arm, Tats?" I know this has been the burning question in all of your minds.

Well, mostly I'm going to watch Dr Wheel do things with it, cos it's his. And he built it over the last couple of days, and now it's working.

"So what is Dr Wheel going to do with a robot arm, Tats?" I hear you thinking...

Like, um, getting the cashews from the bowl without having to reach for them:

We also discovered that it can wave its pincer in the air like it just doesn't care, and that it can make rude gestures that would be understood in most countries. Because we're that mature.

If we want it to fold socks, I think we'll need another one. Also, it's currently running off a controller that looks something like a primitive XBox one, and eventually it'll be running off USB which will make it a bit less clunky probably.

However, You Too Can Lose Weight Fast By Following This One Weird Rule! Simply use a robot arm to retrieve your cashews! Guaranteed to burn more calories per cashew than you gain from eating it. Yep.

Meanwhile, last night's horror/scifi instalment was using my Battlestar Galactica skills (I am totally Starbuck in my head) to rescue a young boy (who bore a remarkable resemblance to Connor Guerrin*) from a planet where he was being held captive by two cats (one of which was Colonel Meow) for the sole purpose of being their food and petting slave. For some reason, the rescue involved waiting till they went out for the day and killing all their chickens.

My conclusion from this is that I play too many videogames and spend too much time on the internet. I am also somewhat disturbed by how many of my dreams lately involve killing livestock.

Speaking of cats, we are getting two of them for a month, starting at the beginning of May. They are Mum and Brother Wheel's ones, Frodo and Tommy, whose people are going away. I miss having a cat around (not as much as I miss having a dog around, but I couldn't resist using that quote), but it's going to be a balancing act between taking proper care of them and not becoming a purveyor of Cat Miasma all over the place. I'm not a big fan of cat hair on my clothes, but I know it's kind of unavoidable in this situation and YAY WE GET KITTIES! So maybe I should just suck it up and steam clean everything I own after they go home again. Hmm..

* My money's on him making an appearance in DA3 as a potential companion or main plot NPC, just saying.

And for those on my flist who appreciate such things, (pombagira I'm looking at you), and who perhaps don't follow thefemalegaze, have Turkish Oil Wrestling. Seriously, have it. I think New Zealand needs more of this too, frankly. Because I appreciate a good *cough* aesthetic. Yes, I am totally objectifying those men. Tell me with a straight face that you aren't, go on... I mean look:

I rest my case.
Tags: aesthetically pleasing, i am a perv, kitties!, tank girl vs starbuck in the thunderditc, we has a robot arm
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