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Do they have a rainbow stripey pill? Cos that would be awesome

Yesterday me and my deformed forearms* got ourselves tested. Basically, DoomBoy does monthly testing of his clients to check progress. He's had to come up with a new different test for me, because I'm only training with him for the express, singular purpose of getting stronger, rather than running faster or losing weight or whatever. So he had me doing all these strongman things, in sets of three. The warm up made me hurt ;-/ Then there was holding 30kg over my head for as long as I could (about a minute per time), then bosu planking (1:20, 1:03, 1:04 - which is a bit sad IMO), and bosu pushups (25, 23, 21). Then we ran out of time, which I'm thankful for because there was more on the list OMG. *ded*

I am not sure if these 'scores' are good or not - I know that in Pretzel class you plank for longer, but not on a bosu ball. In weights I do more pushups, but not after doing that other stuff. And in handbalancing I invert for longer, but with support against a wall so I don't have to balance. I guess the point is that I'm supposed to improve from there, right?

That thing that's going round. You know the one, you comment, I give you an age, you answer the questions for then and now.

sophiawestern gave me 25:

When I was 25
I drove: A 351 XA Fairmont. It looked kind of like this:

Only it was dark blue. It cost about $10 every time I started it up. One time I wanted to find out how fast it could go and I took it out to the Ruawai Straights and floored it. I chickened out at 126mph. Yes, I was stupid once. The only photo in existence of me pregnant with the YoT is leaning up against this car. After the YoT was born, my ex claimed it (or started driving it anyway), and consequently it ended up dinged all to hell and a bit broken. When I left him, I traded it for 2 cows and sold the cows for $800 each. I think I came out on top of that deal.

I was in a relationship with: The aforementioned ex. By this time the relationship was in the "I really don't like this but I'm pregnant and have no idea how to go about extricating myself so I'll give it one last ditch attempt" stage. The YoT was born 6 weeks after my 25th birthday. By the time I was 27 I'd worked out how to leave, by the time I was 28 I'd worked out how to stay left. Rest is history. I also had relationships with other people - my folks, a few friends - but the relationship with Trevor was such that he was trying to isolate me from them so that he was the only one I had. Ick.

I feared: Being a single parent. Being stuck in a crap relationship forever. Going faster than 126mph, apparently.

I worked at: Lowe Walker, a meatworks in Dargaville specialising in hot boning of beef. I worked as a knife hand, and had been offered the opportunity to become the first woman boner in NZ, but turned it down because by then I was 7 months pregnant and couldn't actually reach the quarters from around my belly, at least not enough to effectively sling the heavy meat around. Pregnancy = no leverage. ;-/

I wanted to be: Free of the consequences of all the stupid decisions I'd made up until that moment. Didn't think much past that till I got there.

I drive: A Mitsubishi Galant 2L 5 door liftback, looks something like this:

I went off V8s really fast, oddly enough. The Mitzi is held in a car sharing arrangement with Dr Wheel, Happy and tieke, which came about due to a fortuitous set of circumstances where they needed a car and we needed a parking space and none of us needed a car full time, and voila! We have an online booking arrangement and a log book for mileage and expenses, and someone who isn't me (cos I suck at it) does complex calculations once a year to work out who owes what to who, and so far it's come out about even and works really well. I thoroughly recommend car sharing if you only use a vehicle sometimes.

I am in a relationship with: Dr Wheel. I blather about how awesome he is often enough that you are probably all going *eyeroll* by now. I also have relationships with lots of other people, and they are healthy and happy and I am free to pursue them, and this is something I am thankful for every single day. *loves you all*

I fear: Complacency and stagnation. I worked so hard to get from where I was at 25 to where I am now, the last thing I want is to wake up one day and realise that I put all that work in just to end up not doing anything with the gains I've made. I'm also aware that life is change, and if I don't change with it, it'll leave me behind. That's almost as bad as being held back. So I want to do stuff instead of not doing it, you know? Because when I die, I want to look back and go "Yep, I made the most of that."

I work at: Special Duties! It's true - it's what my job title says! It makes me feel like a spy, but what I actually do is mostly research, analysis and recommendation, related to the development of qualifications for the building industry. It's more interesting than it sounds. I make more money than I even dreamed existed back when I was on $14,000 a year at the meatworks. I've come a long way and sometimes I find it hard to believe that this fantastic life I have could have sprung from *points* back there. And I wake up at 5am running through how to dress a sheep in my head, because somewhere deep down my identity and security is still partly tied to being able to do things like that.

I want to be: A whole lot stronger than I am now. Able to press to handstand at will. Still able to do this when I'm 80. In a world where I can ingest my intoxicant of choice without being criminalised, and where people who have problems related to use of intoxicants can seek help openly and without stigma. A man for a day, so I can spend it wanking and then try to get laid. OK maybe a week. Um, an actual Doctor - not a time lord, I'd be shit at that, I'm too altruistic. A PhD one I mean. Able to think of the right thing to say every time. Genuinely witty. Loved, and loving, always. Free, self-determined and facilitative of the self-determination of others. Able to wake up every day feeling good about myself. The breeder of The Better Sheep. And, OK I admit it - independently wealthy so I can spend time pursuing the above. Not much to ask really...

And on that 5 question meme, ecosopher asked:

1. What's your favourite pancake topping? I like those stacks you get with bananas and bacon in between the pancakes, then maple syrup poured over the top with a sprinkle of icing sugar. I don't know if this is a kiwi thing or a global thing, but pancakes + banana + bacon + maple syrup = Morning Bliss.

2. If you were to keep sheep, which breed would you keep? I'd start from a Perendale base, and then start selectively breeding them for the traits I want, including probably adding colour to the wool and making it somewhat finer. But mostly what I'm interested in is breeding sheep that are easy care, that don't get sick. I think commercial flocks have been bred to be naturally quite unhealthy, and that if sheep farming as an industry is to survive, we need sheep that are less work than cows, and produce their product (meat and/or wool) with the minimum of overheads. Perendales are a good place to start because they were developed for NZ conditions, and they have the open face, clean points and active attitude that I like as a shearer. I could rant about this for a while, you know? [edit] OK one more thing: did you know that sheep can easily live well into their teens (and are more likely to produce twins the older they get), but that commercially they are often culled after 5? And that after hundreds of years of this, their teeth often crap out after 5yo? Imagine the possibilities for reducing the required replacement rate, and improving the quality of your flock, if you didn't cull for age until the sheep were 10 - if you let the sheep live longer if their mouths were still good, and bred from the ones with good teeth.

3. Where did you live before you moved to NZ? I was born in England, but my folks moved here when I was little. Like, really little. We came by boat (which means when I say my mihi I can actually say "Ko Southern Cross te waka" and have it be true), and I turned 1 on the boat coming over. I think we landed here about 4 days after my first birthday. I have dual citizenship but haven't bothered getting a British passport because the NZ one is pretty good to travel with, although if I were to go to Europe I might fix that. I consider myself ethnically English, but culturally I'm a kiwi with British tendencies, and I tend to click with English folks because (I think) of some deep common cultural stuff. My folks were from Yorkshire.

4. If you're having a celebration of sorts, what's your favourite meal to eat? Steak! Ice cream! Not together! Although, Dr Wheel has introduced me to the wonders of degustation, and I'm developing a taste for smoked salmon too. OM NOM NOM PROTEIN.

5. Blue pill or red pill? How sad is it that I don't know which pill is which? I want the one that tells you how far the rabbit hole goes, whichever that is. I mean, metaphorically as well as actually. Psychedelics are my drugs of choice in the real world, because I like their exploratory nature and the insights that can be brought from those experiences and used to improve life in general. *goes to look it up* Apparently that means I want to take the red pill?

There you have it. As usual, if you want to participate in either of the above, let me know. ;-)

* Apparently I am Popeye:

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