tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Groping blindly

One of my beefs about having bad eyesight is the expense. Optometrists, glasses, contacts.. I am an expert at doing this on a budget but I can safely budget $10 a week for the cost of my genetic defect. This gets up my nose because if I were a person with 20/20 vision who got drunk and went through the windscreen of my car, losing my vision or a percentage thereof, I'd be entitled to some form of compensation - free operations, benefits or whatever. But, because I inherited this joyous trait from my parents, I'm on my own. Tough cookies. Etc.

Now, I choose to have an active lifestyle, and glasses often aren't practical. They don't fit under ski goggles, they get knocked off by ropes when climbing, they fog up when I get hot, I even had a pair get crunched under a horse's hoof. So, should I choose to be sedentary because of this? Is this why people with glasses are often perceived as bookish, non-active types? Anyway, to date my option has been contact lenses. These involve more optometrists, more tests and more expense. And, although they allow me more freedom to be active, anyone who's worn them will agree that the feeling of taking them out is right up there with taking off those uncomfortable shoes at the end of a night out dancing.

I would dearly love to wake up in the morning and be able to see clearly as soon as I open my eyes. I'm actually a different person without my glasses/lenses because I can't see people's faces properly and that makes me a lot less outgoing. So, I'm thinking about laser surgery. No more stuffing around to be able to see. Sounds like heaven to me..

Anybody done it/investigated it/know anything about it?

And, I have become a cuddle-slut. There were multiple hugs from people last night and it rocked! More! ;-)
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