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I need a Mass Effect icon

I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning because my brain had a compulsive need to run through the steps for dressing a sheep over and over again to be sure I remember how to do it. I do, apparently. It seems my brain thinks the zombie apocalypse is almost on us because this compulsion followed a dream in which I was trying out for a DotA 2 competition, which involved using a virtual dragon to eat other players' virtual dragons, which I was apparently very good at. But instead of going to the tournament, I got sent to the Zombie Zone, which was filled with people from my shepherding days, and I was required to kill goats for us to eat.

Hard on the heels of that, Sunday night's dream also involved the zombie apocalypse, this time in a Butlins style holiday camp with zombies that looked remarkably like Husks from Mass Effect, and instead of killing goats I was butchering them.

WTF series dreams?

I started Mass Effect 3 last week. It says something about my attachment to my Shepard that when I opened Origin and saw the cover:

I was all like "Who is that dude and what is he doing on my game?"

I don't have a pic of my Shepard, but she doesn't look anything like that. The YoT says she could kill people with her cheekbones, in fact. I might have not been too careful about her construction at the start, but I'm used to her and her grumpy-face now.

So I played and was getting into it and had just picked up Garrus (yay Garrus!) when OH NOES! Freezing bug! ;-/ A predictable, repeatable, showstopping one, in which talking to the guy you need to talk to to further the plot froze the game so badly I had to force-stop the process in Task Manager to get out of it. Every time. *gnng*

Thus ensued a lot of time on chat with EA support staff. They were very good and easy to deal with. We tried all these things:

Update drivers (already up to date)
Send dxdiag
Send process dump file
Run as administrator
Run in compatibility mode
Clean reboot
Reinstall Origin

This took about 2 hours do complete all this stuff and test each time and still nothing. Finally they advised uninstall/reinstalling the game. Which, with this game, involved re-downloading it because if you remember, the DRM on the disk means that my older drive can't read it. *sigh*

Now, Origin claims that slow download speeds are an issue at your end - "Talk to your ISP", "Check your bandwidth." But the fact is that while getting 1MB/s on other dls (we checked), I was getting 130KB/s on Origin, and as time went by it got slower and slower, until it was down to 12KB/s. Now, ME3 is a 10G download, and the extended ending is another 2G - don't bother doing the maths, it took 38 hours altogether.

Meanwhile, I played the entire first act of DA2 again as a melee rogue, doing my best to piss Anders off because I hear the rivalmance is deliciously fucked up, and I've never bonked Merrill either.

Anyway, I have all the praise for EA's support staff and none at all for Origin's download speeds. I blame SimCity downloaders myself, combined with the fact that Origin doesn't have NZ servers. However, since I'm sort of a grownup, I didn't have a complete tanty over it and now my game works so yay.

Of course, tonight I won't get to play because I have my heroin lecture. And it says something about the quality of that, that I'm seriously considering throwing it over to play a video game. Except it might be fun, if I'm feeling evil and willing to put myself through that for the sake of pulling up the lecturer on his unsupported claims..

But of course the zombie apocalypse might stymie all those plans at any moment so it could all be for nought.

Meanwhile, it's sort of raining. Wellington's now officially in drought, us plebs are supposed to be saving water and can be fined for using watering cans outside (golf courses and businesses are exempt wtf?), so my plants have been put out in the drizzle and I'm catching water in a bucket in the shower for them. They are saying that we have 21 days of water left, but if everyone (meaning us plebs, not the businesses or rich wankers who like to play golf) does their bit we won't run out.

I'm happy to save water but frankly, I think the rich wankers could cope with brown grass for their balls too, you know?
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