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There is such a thing as service overkill

So after Tony's Tyres convinced me to let them do my tyre, I took it in. "Would you like us to do it while you wait, madam?" Madam? Urk. "No thanks". Go back to pick it up after work, and I made the mistake of taking my car. They wanted to put it on for me. In the time it took me to convince them I was in a hurry and didn't want that, they -could've- changed the damn thing. Then, feedback form to fill in, (no I am -not- giving you my email address), free gift to collect, Chupa Chup to unwrap (I kid you not, they gave me a chupa chup)... I thought I was done. But no.

I had to wait while some guy washed my windows, and another blacked my tyres. Then I had to tell the window guy to take the sticker off that he'd just put on my car without asking. I was there about 15 minutes.

Now, I'm not complaining about people trying to stand out for good service, but that was so over-the-top that I ended up feeling uncomfortable as hell and probably will pay the extra $9.00 to some other business just to not have to go through all that rigmarole again. Sorry guys, too much.

And, I counted 27 of those surreptitious stickers on cars on my drive home.
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