tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Unexpectedly validated on my gardening skills. Gosh.


Yeah yeah, what arrived?


This is what I was moaning about not being able to track yesterday. Now I know exactly where it is, mwuahahaha! So what if I haven't yet got the skills to make it do anything? A mere trifle, easily addressed! More exclamation marks! !!! !


OK folks, tell me honestly - what do you make of this? It's the Isocracy Network, a group of people who are interested in spreading the idea of isocracy as a form of government.

Reason I'm asking is that I've been asked if I want to become involved, partly in a 'writing stuff in my subject area' context, and partly in a more official way. I'm happy to write about drug reform, but I'm unsure whether aligning myself with a political organisation is a wise move for me at this stage (she says, as a card-carrying member of the Council for Civil Liberties, the Amalgamated Workers' Union, and the NZ Drug Foundation). Isocracy says it is not a political organisation, it's more of a movement - however, I doubt that's the perception most people would have if I stood up in public and said I was part of it, and that might just colour the perception of anything else I had to say - especially when what I have to say goes so against the grain of what most people think is true and right. As it is I risk being accused of being a screaming libertarian, a hippie, a stoner, a chardonnay socialist, and any one of a number of other things that are less complimentary. Activist is a dirty word in this country, and while I'd like it to not be, I'm not sure that's a fight I want to be in. I have other fish to fry - ones that would fry better if we lived in an isocracy no doubt, but in the current climate I'm unsure whether linking myself to it would help my cause or not.

So yeah, opinions appreciated.

Meanwhile, I've also been asked to take on a project involving the beautification of the floor I live on in our building. Our floor is open to the sky and has been designed to imitate a street - so instead of a hallway lined with apartments, we have a walkway that looks kind of like a path, with front doors and alcoves and windows and .. planter boxes. Vis:

That's actually our front door you can see in the back there. Since we moved in, I've put a lot of pot plants around it and got some geranium cuttings going in that planter box that's in the middle with the small trellis, which are now flowering and looking pretty. Some other neighbours have added a couple of paintings, and it's starting to take on an 'outdoor cafe' kind of look. Sometimes people drag their tables out and have dinner in it too. Anyway, the point is it's become a nice area to be in and people are noticing.

So now I've been asked if I'm keen to beautify the rest of it. A lot of the planters are neglected and have nothing in them, others just need a bit of new soil and some refurbishment. So I'm about to meet all my neighbours while I go round asking them if they want their planter prettified. Gosh! o.O I've been experimenting for a year or so and have found that ferns, geraniums and day lilies all seem to do quite well in this environment - it basically needs something that can cope with only getting a few hours' sun a day but that sun being of the blasting in kind, and with irregular watering. Hmm.. maybe bamboo - mine's doing ok in its little corner anyway.

So, um, yes. I agreed to that one. I'm aware that this will give me a sense of responsibility for looking after the planters, so it's up to me to make sure they need minimal looking after. And, I get to make my surroundings pretty!

This morning I cut the long tendrilly bits off the back of my hair. They were nice but it bugged me that they didn't all sit the way I wanted them to, so they're gone. Now my hair is short enough so the top of my scar is visible.

Also, I worked out how to disable the Facebook app on my phone. Now I don't have to deal with it trying to update every 5 minutes even though I never use it. Techno-win!
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