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In which I get a haircut and don't know what I want to do for a real job

This weekend was the first weekend in a while where I haven't had anything 'big' planned - that is, anything that would take up more than half a day of my time. I spent it pottering about, reading easy fiction (one of the Dragon Age spinoff novels that tells the backstory of Maric and Loghain), watching Battlestar Galactica and plotting with Dr Wheel about rearranging the house and turning the downstairs office into a movie theatre and general hanging out room while commandeering the upstairs bit for Doing Stuff in. Jury's still out on whether this is a good idea or not.

In between these demanding activities, I:

I more or less told Paul to do whatever he wanted within the parameters of length I gave him:

This was taken when it still had the product from the hairdresser in and all the straightening stuff they do. I don't use product or make any styling effort, so since it was washed it's a) gone wavy and b) gone urchiny. I'm actually ok with urchiny, it's a look I can work with. So overall, a win!

Made yoghurt:

This culture's been going since about November. I'm wondering how to avoid it going grainy. I got it perfectly smooth once and I'm pretty sure it's to do with the ambient temperature, but since I can't really control that I'm a bit stumped. It's fine to eat, but not as smooth as I'd like it.

Cleaned the god damned blasted fucking windows.

I dislike cleaning windows. These windows get hit with all the city crud that comes in with the prevailing wind, so they need cleaning about every 6 months. I clean them about once a year.

Added more 'ice' to my fake ice crystals. With any luck this should be the last layer:

I've pretty much given up on the laser cutting I was offered. Does anyone on here know of a service in Wellington that'll laser-cut one-offs to spec? Because otherwise I'ma start in with the coping saw just to get it done.

Then I played with LEDs and the Arduino. First I made it flash on and off:

I know, a spectacular achievement! But when you consider that that's pretty much what the Brainfart project is about (on a larger scale), this is an Important Step, you guys! I've added a helpful arrow to show you where the LED is in that picture.

Then I made it flash my name in morse code. Then Dr Wheel happened by and I asked about optimising the code, and I ended up learning a whole lot about arrays and making a thing that would flash anyone's name in morse code. Then I learned about serial communication and made the LED flash on and off when I pushed buttons on my keyboard. Ooh, serial communication! Riveting stuff. But useful, so I'm told. Hands up who thinks I can make a morse code generator that works directly off a keyboard as an extension exercise? Umm.. cos I'm not sure if I can based purely on what I know now, but since when did that ever stop me?

As you can see, my programming career is proceeding in leaps and bounds. *cough* Don't worry, I won't regale you with every little thing I do. Ah, who am I kidding, I probably will, but I'll try to minimise the yawn factor, mmk? Anyway, my actual LED strip should arrive some time in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully that'll coincide with my having learned enough to start playing with it, and once I've got the hang of that, the true Brainfarting will commence. It will hopefully be more easy to see in photos than yesterday's effort.

And then we had dinner with tcpip and caseopaya who were over from Melbourne, and a happy collection of gamers, some of whom I knew and some that I now do. Also, number 16 on the menu at Satay Kingdom is pretty yum, just saying.

I think I've decided I don't want to be a manager. From what I can tell, managers do a lot of organising and directing and spend a lot of time dealing with issues, but don't get to do a lot of hands-on research/anaysis/reporting/recommendation stuff, which is what I'm good and and interested in. Advisor seems like a better name for what I want to do. Which sounds fluffier but seems to be a useful role just the same. Hm...
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